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Stories in Submission

I’m excited to share that I’ve got a couple stories out in submission right now.

Legacy made it through the final approval of my CP’s. This story started as a blog entry twice a week, and over the past months grew and grew. At 50K it’s now the longest manuscript I’ve submitted–although not my longest ms ever written. The Young Adult fantasy still wins that category at 117K.


Legacy is a contemporary romance. No one turns into wolves or dolphins. No one talks to elves or gremlins. Weird. :) Actually, I really like the story, and learned to layer more emotion and tidbits throughout. There’s a good thing about a story that isn’t over too soon– there’s more room to play!

I sent Claiming Derryn a while ago, but the anthology call closes today. So now the official waiting begins. The Space Opera was a great new genre to try, and I will definitely write another.

And now, I’m attempting to finish off a short story I had titled Shaman, but it might be switched to Stormchild. The characters are on a sailboat in the small islands of the Pacific Inside Passage… and yes shifting will be involved.

I’ll leave you with a tidbit from Legacy.


His eyes were dark and smoky with desire and she leaned forward, without thinking, to offer herself again, to return to his intoxicating embrace. He pulled back a little more, lifting his thumb to stroke her swollen lips.

“I need to be going soon and I still have to check the perimeter of the house,” he whispered, his voice husky and low.

Max flushed hotter. “Of course. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean…” It was just a kiss. It was wishful thinking to imagine the chemistry between them meant anything more. “I’m sorry,” she repeated, “I shouldn’t have done that.” She tried to back away but he restrained her.

“Damn it, Max, what are you talking about? I kissed you because I wanted to. And I want to kiss you some more only I’ve got an appointment I can’t miss.” He stepped away slowly, seemingly hesitant to peel their bodies apart. The temperature in the room dropped in spite of the sunlight shining in and Maxine bit back a complaint.

Ryan cursed. “Ah, fuck it.” He dragged her back against his body and ravished her lips, taking her by storm. Nothing gentle this time, nothing hesitant. He took control and offered her complete proof that his desire for her was real. His hardness against her softness, the rigid length of his erection pressed into her belly. Her body responded immediately, a tingling sensation in her core spreading fingers of delightful tension throughout her system.

It was only a moment later he released her, stepping away and dragging a hand through his hair. Her breathing took forever to return to normal, especially since he kept looking at her with an intense stare that said she was the next thing on the menu.

Damn, she wished…

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Natasha A.
Natasha A.
11 years ago


Jess Dee
Jess Dee
11 years ago

There are no shifters in Legacy?
Are you sure?

Darn. Then who was that wolf/dolphin/human character in it?



11 years ago

Aaawh!! Did you have to end it there? ;o)

I'm sure whatever genre it is it'll be great 'cause you wrote it.

Good Luck with your submissions. Got my fingers crossed.


Viv Arend
Viv Arend
11 years ago

Thanks ladies!

I'll let you know as soon as I can. The sooner the better as far as I'm concerned!


11 years ago

Good luck on the submissions!

And goodness, that was a smoldering excerpt! :)

Viv Arend
Viv Arend
11 years ago

:) Good luck to you too Violet!

And smoking hot? Dare I tell you this is one of the cooler scenes?

Rawhhhhhh…. :)

11 years ago

Viv, you tease! This sounds like another fabu book! I want more, more, more!

~bella (who is still bogarting your "guy" ;-) )

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