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Special booksigning coming in March

This March 17, St. Patty’s day!, a group of wonderful authors are gathering in Las Vegas, and I get to join them for a book signing that is looking to be nothing less than spectacular. Check out these details!

Who is signing?

Ann Aguirre (Jax series, Corine Solomon, YA Razorland)
Zoe Archer (Blades of the Rose, Hellraisers)
Vivian Arend (me! Granite Lake Wolves, Six Pack Ranch)
Lauren Dane (Brown Siblings, Federation, Bound by Magick)
Tessa Dare (Spindle Cove, Stud Club)
Megan Hart (Order of Solace, Deeper, Broken)
Courtney Milan (Turner series)

And honestly? Picking only few series to each author’s name was difficult, because these are some of the most incredible authors in the romance field.


Chapel of the Flowers
1717 Las Vegas Blvd. So.
Las Vegas, NV 89104 USA
Party starts at 9 pm.

The manager at the local Barnes and Noble has been incredible, and she, along with festival coordinators, have organized an evening to look forward to. Here’s more details from her:










“We will start in the La Capella Chapel. It is the largest and is very Tuscan in feeling. Someone from the festival will introduce the event and then we thought that we could have each of you read a little from one of your books. After the readings, the winning couple** will have their vow renewal. Then, everyone will head outside to the Glass Garden for book signings and a reception.”

Ann Aguirre was our woman on the go, and she worked to get this happening. Here’s what she has to add:

There will be cake and sparkling cider and treats from the Las Vegas book clubs. Along with us, the authors, and our books, of course. There will be brides and newlyweds and wedding parties all over the place!

[** get this part!!] The city of Las Vegas is sponsoring a contest, where you submit an entry about the most romantic thing you’ve done while married, and you could win a vow renewal at our event!

So… seven awesome authors. Books. Romance. Cake. Readings. Free vow renewal. Has any event ever been so epic? Thank you, Crystal, BN, City of Las Vegas, Chapel of the Flowers, and all the book lovers who made this possible!

Wow. WOW. So anyone who is able to join me and my friends in Vegas, I would love to see you for what sounds to be an incredible evening!!

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Lissa Matthews
8 years ago

Congrats! I’m sure it’ll be a great deal of fun!

Natasha A.
8 years ago

I just asked The Mr. and he said no! :(
This would be so amazing to attend!! If you make it an annual event, and I know in advance I can totally sweet talk him!!

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