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Snippet Saturday- my oh my

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Welcome! I think today’s theme is  one that is WIDE open to interpetation.


So, does that mean a tense situation, where the protagonists are sneaking around corners and / or fighting for their lives? Or does it mean a youthful Tom Cruise wearing nothing but a shirt and socks sliding across the hardwood floor at his parents house right before the biggest party that should never have happened begins?

Oh, the delimma! So let’s go for sneaking and comedic. From Claiming Derryn.



How many layers of deception are there in space?

When a trade negotiation goes wrong, Melina Davenport is sure she’ll end up either a causality of war or a sex slave. Discovering one of her missing partners, Trev, is the new leader of the rebels who have captured her adds insult to injury.

But when her former lover whisks her away to a reunion with their third, Davis—now captain of the notorious outlaw vessel Nottingham—she has to decide if she wants to join her two lovers in their important but less-than-legal activities. Time is running out. The authorities are hunting them, the rebels are bomb crazy and the local fauna is reproducing at an astonishing rate aboard their vessel.

If they don’t find a solution soon, they can kiss the universe goodbye.


“Leaving already?”

Fuck. Dax stood with a team of men, blocking the passage. Trev shook his head. So close to where they needed to go.

“How did you get ahead of us?” He stepped toward the side wall and nonchalantly grabbed a handful of loose rocks. Piata quivered on his shoulder and he clicked his tongue to reassure her.

“Cross tunnels. When you and the woman disappeared from your quarters, I knew something was up. You’re not getting off planet, Trev, or whatever your name is. We’ve worked too hard for you to mess up our plans now.”

There was no room to maneuver, no time to explain to Melina what to expect.

“Did you kill my companions?” Melina asked, simmering violence in her tones.

Dax shook his head. “No, we wanted to deliver the package. Killing them would have made it difficult to get the bomb aboard your vessel. Once the mother ship senses human life forms in the pod, they’ll catch it carefully and bring doom upon themselves. Death to them all!”

Trev pinched the bridge of his nose. Tyrannical menaces who liked to monologue pissed him off. He held his other hand behind his back, palm open. The sharysa on his shoulder shimmied with delight and crawled down to brush its long fingers over the rocks he’d nabbed a moment earlier. The stones grew warmer, pulsing slightly.

“You’re fighting a losing battle, Dax. Just because you’ve got a stash of energy crystals doesn’t mean you can take leadership of the known universe.”

“No, but I can get a fair-sized chunk.” The stocky man motioned with his head to his followers. “Kill Trev, save the woman. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a female around.”

Trev skipped the stones, sliding them along the floor toward the wall at the rebels’ feet before grabbing Melina and pulling her to the ground under him. A sudden explosion of rocks and light flared, dust and debris raining down on them with a loud and ghastly clatter. Echoes rang through the corridors, the sharp pings of new fault lines cracking the solid rock. He hoped he hadn’t set off too large a blast and sealed their route closed.

Melina coughed as she scrambled to her feet. The two sharysa sat and groomed each other, picking small fragments of rock from their fur and scolding Trev loudly. The side passage the others had used to reach this point was sealed tight by the rubble of the rockfall. The direction Trev intended to go was partially blocked, but still accessible. Trev led them all forward, making sure to turn Melina away from the remaining traces of the rebel group.

Melina pulled on his sleeve. “That was too easy.”

“What, you wanted me to duel him for hours with flashing swords? Sorry, baby, I blow shit up. It’s a whole hell of a lot faster. Come on, there’s still a planet full of people who’d like to separate my head from my shoulders. We’re not out of danger yet.”


Claiming Derryn is available for the best price at Ellora’s Cave, it’s also available at AmazonB&N and Books on Board


Enjoy your tour to some other risk takers- I’m keen to see what tack they take on the theme!

Eliza Gayle, Mari Carr, HelenKay Dimon , Lauren Dane , Shelley Munro, Shelli Stevens, Taige Crenshaw, McKenna Jeffries

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Maria D.
Maria D.
11 years ago

Love the excerpt- great book! Thanks

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