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Snippet Saturday- First Touch

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That breathless moment when you reach out and experience that first touch. I remember sitting in a truck with The Guy and our fingers accidentally brushed together. The sheer adrenaline rush of the moment… I can remember it to this day.


From Wolf Signs

Keil groaned and rolled on his back. Finding his mate right now was going to make things difficult, to say the least. But was he sad he’d found her? Hell, no. Some wolves went their whole lives without discovering their mate. So he had a few issues to resolve.

Before next weekend. No rush.

A soft noise made him turn. Robyn was awake, pushed up on one elbow rubbing her hand over the side of her face and ear as if in pain. He scrambled closer, cautious not to frighten her, trying to be sure she saw him approach.

He mouthed the words to avoid waking TJ. “Are you okay?”

Tears were welling up in her eyes as she shook her head. She tried to sit and with little effort he lifted her, pulling her into his arms. He ended up rubbing his hand over the side of her head while he rocked her gently back and forth. She was tense at first but slowly she relaxed, and his heart leapt. Keil wasn’t sure what was going on, but she felt too marvelous pressed up against him to think it through. His fingers continued to smooth over her hair and cheek, the feel of her against him wonderful and right. Her skin was soft under his fingers, the warmth of her torso wrapping around him like a blanket.

And when Robyn turned her head in his hand and caressed it, he thought his heart would burst. He couldn’t resist. Still cupping her face, he lowered his lips toward hers, brushing gently with a closed mouth, just to feel the friction of them coming together.


Come get touched. :)

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12 years ago

I loved Wolf Signs .. especially the humour. Look forward to Wolf Flight coming soon.

Viv Arend
Viv Arend
12 years ago

Thanks so much Michele.

You know what? I think I like Wolf Flight even better than Wolf Signs, but it's probably because it's got new characters AND visits with the old ones!

12 years ago

My favourite kind of reading is connected books. I love new characters but very much enjoy a visit with old.

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