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Snippet Saturday- Departures


Saturday Snippets- a chance to read excerpts from a variety of authors and try a little of their stories. All the snippets today will somehow have the theme of departures. In this one, from Wolf Signs, the heroine Robyn is getting ready to leave on what will quickly become a life changing excursion.


6450 calories stared up at Robyn.

She adjusted the lid on the apple box to close it tight over the cheesecake and other food supplies. She let her gaze flow over the rest of the gear spread all over her apartment. Her pack, her skis, all of it gathered and ready to go for the annual trip with her brother to Granite Lake cabin.

A tight feeling of anxiety filled her as Tad made his announcement.

“I’m sorry, sis, but I have to take this request. Flying the climbing and research team to Mount Logan could end up being a regular booking. They’re supposed to be working in Kluane National Park for the next five years, and if I can get on as their main pilot I’ll be set.” Tad reached out and slipped a loose strand of hair back behind his sister’s ear. “I hate to cancel the trip on you—”

Robyn paced a few steps away before turning back to face him, her hands flowing smoothly as she spoke to her brother in American Sign Language. “I understand, Tad. You need to take the job. I’m still going to Granite.”

“No way. You can’t go by yourself.”

“You have.”

“But that’s different, Robyn.”

“Don’t be a jerk. I don’t have a penis so I can’t go backcountry alone?”

Tad raised his eyebrows. “It’s not the lack of plumbing, sis, and you know it. I very seldom go bush alone and if I do meet anyone, it’s not a big deal. I’m male, I’m strong and I’m not deaf. How do you plan on talking to strangers?”

Robyn threw a pillow his way before lifting her hands to sign at him. “I’ll take some notepads. What are the chances of meeting anyone at Granite this time of year? We always go in February because no one else does. I’m packed, the food is packed, and I’ve got time off work from the bakery. You even booked a helicopter ride in for me with your buddy Shaun. I’ve never gotten to fly in before.

“And wait a minute, what’s with that little dig saying you’re strong? Last time I checked I out-skied, out-wrestled and out-gambled your sorry butt, big brother, don’t give me that as an excuse.”

Tad narrowed his gaze at her. “Stop being stubborn.”

“What? Waste all those years of training? You told me once to stand up for myself and do what I need to do, in spite of not being able to hear. Are you saying that doesn’t apply anymore?”

“Of course not—”

“Good, because I’d hate to call you a hypocrite. I need to go to Granite. I need to get out of the city for a while. I’ll be a good little girl and take the satellite phone along. I can check in with you Tuesday.”

Tad ran a hand through his hair before collapsing on the couch in resignation. “Fine, you win. But if you need anything you call me or you call Shaun and he’ll fly you out. Understand, Robyn? You don’t have to do the ski if you don’t want.”

Robyn caught a glimpse of herself in the hall mirror. Shades of brown reflected back at her. Shoulder-length brown hair, big brown eyes with golden flecks, skin that always seemed to have a light tan for some strange reason, even after living her whole life in the Yukon. Her solid body was more than capable of doing the ten-mile ski. She’d been completing it with the family since she was nine years old. Tad had skied it with her and knew she loved every minute of the trip. She counted to twenty.


“Tad, are you looking for pain? Because I can kick your butt if you need it.”

“What did I say?”

Robyn stomped up to him and glared into his face. Tad was her brother by adoption, and he and his parents were all darker in colouring than her. His short black hair stood in ragged spikes from his manhandling and his dark eyes stared back at her with confusion. “I like the ski across the lake. I like going into Granite cabin. I’m thrilled you got me the helicopter ride, but only because I want to take the ice auger to leave at the cabin.

“So don’t expect me to be some kind of baby because you can’t go with me this time.”

Tad grabbed her hands and pulled her in for a hug. He let her step back so she could read his lips. “I was a bit condescending, wasn’t I?”

Robyn nodded.

“Sorry. Hell, you’ve got a temper on you. Glad you didn’t throw anything hard at me this time.”

“I thought about it but my ice axe is already packed.”

Tad watched as she tucked away a few more items, picked up her backpack and placed it beside the door. He tugged on her arm to get her attention.

“You do need some space, don’t you? You seem really tense.”

Robyn returned to her skis. She fiddled with the bindings for a bit before glancing back at Tad. “Yeah. Feels like the walls are closing in. I’ll be okay if I can get some time away from the city.”


Wolf Signs is a available at all the regular ebook locations, including Amazon.


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