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Snippet Saturday-Danger ahead

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Danger- an out and out attack, or more subtle? At the start of Wolf Flight, Missy finds herself just where she doesn’t want to be–under the eye of her corrupt Alpha.

Wolf Flight releases October 27th.


A strong hand wrapped around her neck, pulling her closer as Doug stared, his nostrils flaring as he examined her face minutely. “He was woefully delinquent in training you to be obedient. But he’s gone now, that unfortunate incident, you know.”

Missy’s heart thumped harder as the truth of the accident flowed involuntarily from Doug’s mind to hers. Images flashed—ropes cut by knives, a falling body, triggered rock falls—she blinked slowly, carefully. The information transferred between them as clearly as if he had spoken, the knowledge a gift and curse of being an Omega wolf.

His own brother had killed her husband. Closing her eyes to shut out the pain, she forced her tears to remain hidden. She may not have loved Jeff, but he hadn’t deserved to die in that manner. The crackle of the fire sounded loud and eerie as she searched for something to concentrate on to clear her mind of Doug’s filthy touch.

Doug grunted. “Hmmm, you are good. So much potential, so much I’ll be able to do with you once you’re properly trained.” Doug loosened his grip for a second and slipped his fingers into her hair, tugging it hard enough to bring tears to her eyes.

Her blood pounded, her mouth suddenly gone dry, and she focused on making Doug forget her. She was nothing, she was nondescript. Reaching deep into the part of herself she had hidden away for years, she attempted to calm her Alpha. The ripping pull in her hair faded as he dropped his hands to his side and released her.

She kept her gaze on his face and continued to pour out calming emotions from her core, being sure to make them nonthreatening, noninteresting. Above all nonsexual because if Doug decided to claim her physically she’d be lost. She would shatter in a million pieces and never be free from him.

He turned away from her and her panic lightened, fear relaxing as he reacted to her stimulus. She drew in an uneven breath, preparing to step back and retreat from his presence. Suddenly, his hand shot out and wrapped around her throat, squeezing tight enough to hurt and she froze, physically and mentally. He snarled quietly. “Don’t attempt your tricks, little girl. You’re strong, much stronger than my brother was, so you were able to control him. Don’t make the mistake of assuming you can use your skills on me. I will kill you if you try that again.” He squeezed a final time before releasing her, his hand moving to cup her face as she frantically dragged in air.

His voice was a mere whisper, menacing in its softness, the polite trappings of civilization hiding the monster. “I’m a patient man, Missy. I waited until the opportune moment to take over the pack. I have maneuvered tirelessly to arrange deals that will soon bring in the financial resources I desire. I can wait for you until the timing is right. Since appearances are so important to wolves, I wouldn’t dream of taking you yet. I don’t want to draw any attention from the council. Even though you obviously are hurting, missing your mate.” His fingers trailed along her cheek and she shivered involuntarily. “Poor thing, everyone knows how devastating it is to lose a mate. It is fortunate I’m without a partner. As both Alpha and your brother-in-law, I’m the only one who can replace him for you.”

He dropped his hand away, sliding it intimately down her body.


Available October 27th from Samhain Publishing

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