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Snippet Saturday- Black Moment


Welcome to Snippet Saturday- a chance to read a little tidbit from some books, try on the writer’s style and get intrigued.

My offering toward our theme of Black Moments comes from my paranormal menage Tidal Wave. It’s not THE black moment, but it’s dark grey…


Alexia glanced uneasily around the room, her body tightening and growing rigid. Joshua’s stomach fell as he recognized the emotional turmoil flashing through her. She was ready to lay down the law and it wasn’t going to be pretty.

“I’ve fallen into a fairy tale but no one is following their proper lines. ‘Your world is not what you think it is, Alexia, but I’m sure you’ll be fine with us ordering you around.’” She rubbed a hand over her neck, glaring at them. “My Gram is a manipulating tyrant, my lawyer date tried to force himself on me, and my dream lover is a liar. Of all of you, Anthony is the only one behaving like the gentle person I remember.”

“Calm down, dear,” Victoria soothed, her weathered hands fluttering in the air.

Alexia laughed, a harsh, ragged sound. She shook her head, “Calm down? I am calm, Gram. I’m so calm the boats are all sitting dead in the water right now. You have a lot of nerve sitting there and expecting me to be calm about having two lovers in my bed and you traipsing in like it’s normal.”

Joshua spoke softly, his guilt at adding to her burden making him attempt to be a peacemaker. “She’s not trying to upset you, Alexia. None of us did anything—”

“Shut up, Joshua.” Her head whipped around and her mouth tightened to a thin line. “What was all that shit you shouted at Michael last night? About it being my choice, not his? I seem to remember you saying something about the Keeper knowing what she needed.” Alexia pushed herself away from the table violently, her chair flying to the ground behind her.

“I didn’t do anything to hurt you. We’ve got this connection already and I thought it would make things easier. To have someone familiar come to you in the midst of —”

“Who gave you the right to organize my life?” Alexia demanded, cutting him off again. Her eyes flashed at him and his stomach clenched as she stomped from the dining area. “Bloody arrogant bastard.”

Alexia paced to the windows and stared at the water. “I’ve had to do a lot of things over the years to prove myself to people, but this is the strangest situation I’ve ever found myself involved in. I might accept the challenge of taking over leadership, if I have the ability. I need to think about it for a little while before making a decision.”

She turned back to face them, her fists on her hips as she glared at her grandmother. “But you were wrong to force this on me without asking, Gram.” She turned and pointed at Joshua. “We have been connected, in some strange way I can only begin to understand. What you did was lie to me, Joshua, and it was wrong. I have so many questions I want answered, but I can’t ask either of you because I don’t trust you.”

Alexia dragged her fingers through her hair, her body shaking with her frustration. She threw one last disappointed look at Joshua before rushing up the stairs and disappearing from their sight.


The blurb and another excerpt are available here. Tidal Wave available from Samhain Publishing


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