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Sizzling Summer Heat - Week Four- Valerie Tibbs

I have a special spot in my heart for the next lady we’re featuring. For my recent trip to Cincinnati, Valerie came and found me in Indianapolis (with the help of Gertrude the GPS) and we drove the final two hours together both sides of the journey. From the minute I saw her, I had a huge smile on my face. She’s soft and gentle, and yet could totally kick my butt.

She was wearing a T-shirt stating “No, I will not fix your computer.”

But she does. She somehow manages over long distance … and we’re talking International Heat long distances, right?… to answer our techno questions. Things like how to fix the stupid thing that appeared in the middle of our manuscript, and how to find a person on chat (that was me lost on that one.)She’s the mover and shaker of the media, getting excerpts corrected at booksellers and even getting Wolf Signs up at Kindle for me!! She’s amazing!

Val’s the Artist of our group. Another special connection we share is she started making covers about the time I started writing. (How’s that for cool, Valerie!!) And now here a year later she’s got 85+ covers to her credit, and I’m awaiting the release of my third book. It’s like we’re growing up together.

So what do I want to feature about Valerie? Well, I think you’ll see some cool banners at the other blogs, and I happen to have a BEAUTIFUL one Val made me to celebrate Tidal Wave’s release in two weeks (scroll to the bottom of the blog if you want to see it…). I think for authors who have covers from their publisher, but need a special signature, getting a banner is a fantastic way to get noticed.

But I wanted to mention book covers.

Val did a write up at IH about working with an extremely picky author to make her a cover (me) and it’s cool if you haven’t seen it yet. The step by step process is fascinating. That’s here.
the wind and the sun 11
What might you need a cover for? How about a freebie short story that you as an author write to tie with with an older release? What if you’re not a writer? You need a present for Aunt Martha and want to put a pretty cover on it. Or how about a cover for the family recipes album for the next reunion? The ideas are endless.

The difference is with someone like Val at the helm, you end up with a professional finish. That’s worth it!

To be entered in the draw, make a comment. If you want, tell me what kind of covers you like the best…bright colours, fancy script, solid lines…

Then it’s time to go exploring. Click to whichever of the ladies you haven’t visited yet to see what they came up with and add your name for more chances to win.

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Valerie T.
Valerie T.
12 years ago


Thank you so much for the kind words. You're a treasure to me!


Karen H in NC
Karen H in NC
12 years ago

Congratulations Valerie on being in the spotlight this week.

12 years ago

Congrats Valerie! Love your work!


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