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Saturday Snippet- Ooowwwwoooo!

Scary time.

Heheh. NOPE!

Come on, this is ME. I don’t do scary. So the snippet today was chosen to allow your heart rate to lower from all those other scary scenes. From a little known book that you might like if you enjoy fairytales and fables: The Wind and the Sun. Oh, NSFW! The setting is a pair of lounge chairs next to each other and Zephyr just stripped to, well, nothing.

thewindandthesun 800

The Wind & The Sun

Ready for a modern rematch? Time to fan the sensual fires to discover who’s stronger now.

Sunshine Bright is proud to uphold the family name and help maintain their status over the Wind family. The fact that tall, dark and yummy Zephyr makes her break out in heat flashes with his mere presence is no reason she can’t win the new challenge between the families for the title of the strongest.

Zephyr Wind knew it would take some planning to be able to get what he wants – and what he wants is Sunshine. All the time and in every way. The lanky blonde ties him up in knots faster than you can say gale force winds. There’s also the little problem of spontaneous combustion to worry about.

Aesop will never be the same again.


“You know, maybe you’re right. I mean, your grandfather did win the contest as it was established.”

Sunshine froze in mid-fan. “Did you…admit Pop-pop won? Fair and square?”

Zephyr rolled to his back. Sunshine gulped and turned away to grab her drink. Anything to stop from looking at that flagpole rising bold as brass into the sky declaring, “Zephyrland—rides available.”

“I said he won the contest as it was established. Personally, I think my grandmother was in the first stages of cyclone fever when she agreed to the terms. I mean, come on…”

Oh, not a good choice of words.

“…getting a guy to remove his cloak to prove who is stronger? Maybe Gramma was a few sheets to the wind, I heard she drank on occasion. Anyway…” Zephyr sat abruptly, swinging his legs between their chairs. His…attributes…were hidden by the bend of his body and Sunshine felt the loss.

“I’ll admit your ancestor won. Still, I think it’s time for another challenge to see who is stronger now.” His voice was quiet and cool. It smoothed over her skin like a caress.

It made her shiver.

“What, you want to arm wrestle? That’s really fair.” Sunshine sat as well. Just because it was time to sit. Not because the view was better or anything.

Zephyr chuckled, a low sexy rumble that hit her hard and deep. “Oh no, not a physical challenge. At least, not physical that way.”

His thigh rubbed against hers, creating icy fingers zapping up her skin towards her womb. Sunshine closed her eyes for a moment to concentrate. She didn’t want any accidental bush fires on the African plains again. She took a close look at him for the first time in a long time. Zephyr’s straight brown locks hung to his shoulders instead of his usual military crew cut. A couple of errant strands fell in front of his eyes and she reached without thinking to brush them back. Her fingers tingled as she touched him and she bit back a moan.

“What are you suggesting?” she asked. She swallowed hard as his gaze traced over her body, dark brown eyes with flecks of gold around the iris. “What kind of rules?”

“Strength can be defined as being the most powerful. If someone is powerful, they can rule or dictate and people have to obey. I think the most powerful things are not those forced upon you, but what you want to do again and again. Your grandfather said ‘Kindness affects more than severity.’ He was right in his challenge. For our challenge, however, I want it said ‘Desire affects more than force.’”

He laid a soft hand on her thigh and slid his palm over her skin like a cool breeze on a summer day. In an instant, every nerve in her body went on high alert. Small circles traced by his fingertips slipped along her inner thigh then sadly back towards her knee.

“I challenge you to a contest of strength, Sunshine. Bright family against Wind family. You can use any trick in your repertoire and I can access all the emotions of the wind. At the end of the challenge, we will see what kind of desire rises to the top.

“The person who created that desire will be named the victor.”

Sunshine leaned closer, angling her body to be sure he saw down her cleavage. She had to get back in the game. She’d lost ground big time in the past couple of minutes.

“We throw rays and gusts at each other?  Let’s be clear on the attack method.”

Zephyr ignored her chest and reached for her hand instead. He brought it to his mouth and gave her palm a soft kiss before answering in his dark chocolate voice. “You know what I’m talking about, Sunshine. Fooling around, making out, getting down and dirty. Foreplay for hours. Then sex. I have nothing scheduled for a few days my assistants can’t take care of. I suggest we find a nice location and prepare for the challenge.”

Sunshine hesitated. Not that she was afraid or anything, but it was close to harvest season in the prairies and she’d hate to be distracted and cause—

Zephyr lowered her hand to his lap and wrapped her fingers around his erect cock. His very hard, hot and thick cock.

Sunshine gulped.

Zephyr leaned close, his mouth a whisper away from hers. “So, we are agreed. Let the competition begin.”


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Oops–did I say your heart rate would lower? Heheh. Maybe not! Now go visit some people with REAL scary snippets. And we’ll see you next week as I celebrate the Cowboys coming with lots of Cowboy goodness!

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