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Random Chaos 08

My thoughts today are about setting goals. Yes, we need ’em. But more than we need to celebrate when we either a) meet them or b) realize that they were too lofty/too low and adjust them.

I figure a goal is a direction indicator. If we don’t put one up we can wander for days getting nothing accomplished. To set a goal, any goal and start heading toward is better than sitting around doing nothing. Really.

But since worrying about making the ‘right’ goal can make people freeze I like the changing goal post idea better. Set the target up, no matter what. If, as you aim at that thing for a bit, you decide that it’s not working and you’d rather be painting a fence than building a toothpick city, then move the target and change your aim.

Yes, you might end up with a few unfinished projects but here’s the final step. Maybe some of those starts were a step to the real thing you needed/wanted to do. Finishing the toothpick replica of the Great Wall of China wasn’t a goal, it was learning step. It’s okay to recycle that baby without finishing it.

So why am I thinking about goals?

No clue.

Actually, I’m celebrating her a little because I’ve had a productive weekend.

Got Wolf in Flight off to the editor on Saturday. Finished revisions on The Wind and The Sun last night and it’s off to readers. These were two things on my to do list, the first pretty major.

Yeah me!!

The other thing I’ve started on is looking through a few files of things I’ve written over this year that I will NOT be continuing on. Too rough, too pointless, too Mary Sue. 🙂

I’m not deleting them or anything, just slipping them into a file and labeling it “Random Chaos 08”. I can still go and glean bits from the projects, but no longer feel the need to finish the silly things.

You can’t know how good this feels. Kind of like when I gave away the needlepoint project I had for 7 years that was 75% completed. I was never going to hang the thing on my wall, so why was I hauling it around and letting it take up space?

So here’s to celebrations (Yippeee!!) and deep breathes of fresh air.

We need ’em both.

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