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Nov 1- the world just exploded

Not really, but there’s a lot of great news to share. I’m going to spread it out…starting with this:

My pretty new website was put together by the awesome Celia Kyle. As we chatted about what I wanted, we discovered we liked chatting. Then we started talking about twisted fairy tales and suddenly…there we were, writing a couple of stories together.

She’s a HOOT.

I’m pleased to announced that Liquid Silver Books has offered for the stories. They will be out sometime in early 2010.

Falling for Fae: Peerless
(co-written w/Celia Kyle)

Two sisters, one crown and a race to find true love… Or suffer the consequences. *Shudder* The Queendom.

Jessica does not want to become Queen.  The gowns look marvelous on her, and the servants are lovely, but being Queen? Ick. She’d have to remember to take of…things, and…other things. Seriously, ruling Fae—with its temperamental dragons, pixies with attitudes and the creepy enchanted forest that keeps encroaching the palace—not for her. She’s off to find a rich Peer in England and enjoy the lifestyle without the responsibilities.

Trevor’s got it all—adoring fans, a starring position on his football team. Life is good, and the saucy little birdie who lands in his lap makes things even sweeter. Only she don’t seem to understand he’s not the Lord of the Manor. He’ll tell her as soon as they can get their hands off each other long enough to talk. He’s never felt this way before about a bit o’ fluff. Could it even be love?

Falling for Fae: Faetful
(co-written w/Celia Kyle)

Two sisters, one crown and a race to find true love… Or suffer the consequences. *Shudder* The Queendom.

Thalia does not want to become Queen.  Balls and frills are not her “thing”.  She’d much rather curl up with a good book than toss on a gown for a night of schmoozing. She’s got the Fates on her side, shooting her around the globe in search of her heart’s desire and in no way does that involve a man or the “L” word. Nu uh.

Justin’s jonesing for a plot of land in Lacoochie, Florida.  Prime piece of real estate and he wants it.  Bad.  And he’s not above using the mutual attraction between he and Thalia to his advantage. Sort of. Kinda.  Okay, only a little and only until he is in lo– Nope, can’t say the word. Things “happen” when the “L” word is mentioned and Thalia made him promise…

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10 years ago

How exciting!!!! And how neat that things worked out the way they did with Celia……going from designing your beautiful blog to writing together!! Congrats, can’t wait to read the stories, they sound fantastic!!

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