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New Release- Jess Dee


A past with three, a future for two…

Full disclosure: I love Jess Dee . She was one of the first writers I found when I discovered ebooks. After reading all her books, I screwed up my courage to contact her and the rest, as they say, is history. Why she has to live in Australia when I’m in Canada is one of those ‘The Gods must Be Laughing’ things, ’cause I swear we’d be over at each other’s houses daily if we could.

The story that made me brave enough to contact her was A Question Of Trust, one of the three awesome books that have now released in a paper anthology from Samhain Publishing. The menage was hotter than Hades and yet the relationships in the book are what gets me every time. Jess knows how to make people real.

Today marks the release of the sequel to that story. It’s a fabulous, fabulous tale. Shhhhh, I’m re-reading. Oh, but since I’m busy, I asked Jess for a little snippet to share with you. Enjoy.

A quick, hot excerpt from A Question of Love:

“One.” Gabe’s voice echoed through her ears. He walked her backwards and leaned over. Her back touched something soft, and just like that she was sprawled on her couch with Gabe kneeling on the floor before her.

“At least another three,” he told her and stripped off her jeans. Her sodden thong followed seconds later.

God, Gabe was counting. Which meant he wasn’t done making her come. Not by a long shot. Dimly she told herself to get up. To show a little backbone. But her breathing hadn’t yet regulated, and her legs were paralyzed. She couldn’t move now even if she wanted to.

“Gabe!” She groaned as he leaned over her and buried his face between her legs. His tongue was hot and wet against her, soothing. Jeans were not the softest of material, and mashing her pussy against her pants and his, while most erotic, left her requiring just a bit of recovery time. Or better yet—treatment. Warm, moist treatment, that took away the tenderness and replaced it once again with blazing lust. He licked her with a gentleness that touched her heart, and he licked her with a possessiveness that tingled down her spine. Then he licked her with a lust that jarred through her belly and sent shudders shivering through her.

His tongue seduced and teased. It laved and calmed while it caressed and excited. It drove her halfway to heaven, then withdrew, leaving her hanging on the precipice, desperate for release.


A past with three, a future for two…

Gabe Carter and his best friend Connor’s passion for threesomes brought Tina Jenkins into Gabe’s bed—and into his heart. As a matter of honor, he gave up the woman he loved. Time passes, times change and old promises fall away, but Gabe is still in love with Tina. Now he’s going after his heart’s desire.

Tina has her own opinion about Gabe’s sense of honor. His departure tore apart the most special of bonds and destroyed her relationship with Connor, leaving her brokenhearted. It took her a long time to pick up the pieces, a struggle she doesn’t wish to repeat. When Gabe shows up at her favorite coffee shop, she knows just where to tell him to stick his apology.

Gabe isn’t so easily put off—and Tina can’t help but respond to his seduction. Picking up where they left off is tempting, but Gabe wants her all to himself. And Tina wants the whole package, which includes Connor.

At the risk of crushing his hopes for the future, Gabe sets out to prove he’s more than enough man for her…

Warning: If piping hot sex, ménage scenes, adult toys, anal play, short blonde heroines and stacked, muscular heroes are not your cup of tea, then don’t read this book. You won’t enjoy it.

A Question of Love. Available at Samhain.

Read An Excerpt Online

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11 years ago

Oh my!! I’m heading to Samhain to pick this one up!! 🙂

Jess Dee
Jess Dee
11 years ago

Viv – you know I love you!
Dang. I wish we could spend every day at each other’s houses.

Blanche… enjoy the book.



Lisa Guertin
Lisa Guertin
11 years ago

Thanks for posting this. I went out and got both books and read them last night! Hot!!!

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