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New release & a Cool Book- DESTINY

I have a new release today–the print version of TURN IT UP  is now available. Since my books are all digital first, this is exciting as my 5th print book, but I’m even more excited about a friend’s release!

Carly Phillips is a lovely, lovely lady who writes the most amazing stories, and book 2 in her newest series is now available. DESTINY. I fell in love with Carly’s writing–she knows how to write people in a way that make me want to sit down and have a cup of tea with them, or kick them in the butt, or drool over them, in the case of her heroes!

Information regarding the entire series can be found here: Serendipity.

I also snuck over to the bookstore and spotted what Carly had to say to readers, and for those of you who are new to her and Sernedipity, I thought I’d let her share!

Dear Readers,

Welcome back to the town of Serendipity.

DESTINY is the second in my contemporary romance series that I began in SERENDIPITY. In Destiny, you will learn more about the town of Serendipity, the Barron brothers, and the past they’ve tried so hard to run from … and in some cases, to hide. Like any other town, Serendipity has its secrets, scandals, pain, heartache and love, but there is also an implied promise of fortune and good luck, along with people at changes and crossroads in their lives.

You already met Ethan Barron, the bad boy who has come home to make good and Faith Harrington, the girl who got away. DESTINY is Nash Barron and Kelly Moss’s story and coming in May 2012 is Dare Barron in KARM.

I hope you’ll continue to take this new journey with me and enjoy!

Happy Reading,

Carly Phillips


I’d like to celebrate with Carly today, and I hope you’ll join me. Everyone who leaves a comment here for Carly will be entered to win a print copy of TURN IT UP- see? Double celebration!! I’ll pick the winner of the print book on the weekend.

There’s also another contest & celebration starting tomorrow in preparation for the release of Rocky Mountain Haven, so leave a comment today and come back tomorrow to see what fun I’ve got planned!

And from me to you, Carly, congratulations on the new release, and yes,  I’m eager to return to Serendipity!

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8 years ago

I think all of the comments were lost in the reboot of your website. That sucks. There were lots of comments too.

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