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New Anthology coming! Bandicoot Cove

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A luxury resort on a tropical island: A playground where anything can happen—or the perfect setting to fall in love?

The brand new, five star luxury hotel, Bandicoot Cove on Bilby Island, just off the tropical coast of Queensland, Australia, is all set to open its doors to the public. But hotel manager, Kylie Sullivan insists everything has to be perfect before the big day. What better way to check that the hotel is ready for paying guests than with a soft opening?

Kylie has planned a trial run. A make-sure-everything-works-smoothly run. And the guinea pigs in her experiment? Her close friends and family, and perhaps a few international stars looking for a private getaway, away from the prying eyes of the press and public.

Each of them is sent a personal invitation to an all-expenses paid trip to the island. If there are any glitches in the service or facilities, Kylie would rather find out about it this way, than with paying guests.

There’s something magical about the Island. Perhaps it’s the sheer luxury of the resort, the escape from the daily grind of real life, or simply the intoxicating air that surrounds them. But people tend to fall in love when they come here. And Kylie should know. She’s fallen hard herself.

The Bandicoot Cove Anthology is a set of three novellas and one short story, all of which take place on the Bilby Island.

The first book, a short story, is Kylie’s book. The story will take place before the soft opening of the resort and will be co-authored by all three authors in the anthology.

The other three stories all take place during the soft opening of the resort. Paradise Found is my contribution to the series, then Lexxie Couper’s Tropical Sin, and finally Jess Dee and Island Idyll. The books are due for release late summer 2011, and are all red hot menages. I’m so pleased to be a part of this with my Aussie friends!


August 23

Time’s running out—and paradise is slipping from their fingers

From their first chance meeting to now, Paige Kingston has enjoyed every minute with her two Australian lovers. Their original commitment was clear—they were looking for nothing but a great time—in the sack, and out of it. Now a year later, she’s surfed and hiked and…experienced more physical pleasure and emotional attachment than one woman can stand without losing her heart.

The invitation to join Trent Sullivan and Mason Wood at the soft opening of Bandicoot Cove, one of Australia’s premier new resorts, arrives just in time—she’s scheduled to return to Canada mere days after. The swan song on their easy going relationship will let her fulfill a few final fantasies for her guys, and let her escape before she makes the terrible mistake of letting them know she’s broken the rules by falling in love—with them both.

Unaware of her self-imposed deadline, Trent and Mason are distracted by a dilemma of their own.  They’ve been trying to figure out how to ask Paige to give up her posh job in Sydney and join them on a once-in-a-lifetime trip sailing the Australian Coast on their newly purchased yacht, Paradise. Only they don’t want her along as a casual lover, but as a stepping-stone to more. And while they might be best mates—and sharing a Paige over the past year has been no trouble at all—sharing her forever?

The paradise they’ve been experiencing could be lost in an instant.

Warning: This book starts with the heat turned way up high. Two men entirely focused on one woman’s pleasure. One woman stepping outside the box to please her men. An exotic resort suite featuring an erotic piece of furniture that makes ménage a trois even hotter than usual. Really.


September 6

It doesn’t take just a rock star to rock your world. Sometimes, it takes a best friend as well.

McKenzie Wood is Australia’s most notorious tabloid journalist. Trouble is, she’s not altogether happy in that position. It’s time to grow up and use her degree for serious work. When she spies rumor-shrouded rock star, Nick Blackthorne, a man far more sexy than he has a right to be, at the island resort, Bandicoot Cove, McKenzie knows this is her ticket out of the tabloid world. She just needs a little unorthodox help from her BFF, Aidan Rogers.

Aidan Rogers has been in love with McKenzie for sixteen years. Of course, he’s never told her that, which he has to admit, is pretty damn pathetic. But when it comes to McKenzie, he is a prisoner of his heart. It isn’t easy telling your best friend you’re madly, irrevocably in love with her and want to do sinfully, seriously non-friend like things to her. Especially when she’s never shown an iota of sexual interest in you.

Nick Blackthorne has his own secrets. Having spent the last two months in Germany, Nick jumps at his agent’s offer to spend some “unfamous” time at a new resort in his home country. Nick is surprised to find his creative muse stirred—and stirred greatly—by a very sexy couple he spies at Bandicoot Cove and it’s not long before all he can think about it all three of them. Together.

When three bodies move together as one, the music becomes a smoldering beat that rivals the tropical heat on the island. But will it be enough to save three souls? Or will it be just a sinner’s lament?

Warning: One plus one plus one equals OMG sex, are-you-freaking-kidding-me orgasms and some serious mind-blowing climaxes. And in amongst all this, two people discover they’re meant to be together and another finds the music of his soul once again.


September 20

Sometimes childhood fantasies become adult realities

Sienna James has come to Bandicoot Cove to recover from the heartache of breaking up with the man she’s spent the last eight years of her life with, Ben Cowley. The last person she expects to meet on the island is the star of every one of her high school fantasies, Joshua Lye.

It might be twelve years later, but Josh is just as appealing now as he was in high school—and he reveals Sienna was the main feature in his adolescent wet dreams. As kids they never got it together. But they’re adults now, and there’s no longer anything keeping them apart.

Sienna and Josh’s island idyll is rocked to the core when Ben arrives at the resort, determined to win back his ex-fiancé. Discovering another man in Sienna’s bed kind of throws a spanner in the works. But Ben will not be deterred. Rather than admit defeat, he comes up with an alternative plan: Let Sienna sleep with both men, at the same time, and then decide which one she wants.

The idea is as outrageous as it is intriguing. It’s up to Sienna to decide if she’ll be able to go through with Ben’s suggestion. And if she does, how will she ever choose between her childhood fantasy and her adult reality.


There’s something about the air on this island. It makes people do things they’d never usually do…like consider sleeping with more than one man, at the same time.

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Nancy Gilliland
Nancy Gilliland
10 years ago

If the rest are as good as Paradise, this is one I’m going to have to buy.

Vivian Arend
Vivian Arend
10 years ago

They’re even BETTER!


I love that there’s overlap between the books. One of my heroes, Mason, is the twin to Lexxie’s heroine, McKenzie. The other hero, Trent, is the younger brother to Kylie who is running the resort, and bestnfriends with mcKenzie and Sienna. All of the characters have cameo roles in the other books!

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