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Nano Cruise 2008

Yesterday I got to play and celebrate with the local writers I met through doing Nanowrimo. Last year we started the tradition of joining together and taking a cruise: the Kootenay Lake ferry!

The ferry ride from Belfour to Crawford bay is the longest free ferry ride in the world. Takes about 45 minutes from one side to the other and we enjoyed every minute of it. We parked, walked on with snacks, drinks and a copy of part of our nano writing. On the to and fro journey we indulged (non alcoholic) and read snippets of manuscripts. We even got to go up to the pilot house and check out the view.

After the ferry we went and soaked in the Ainsworth Hotsprings followed by dinner at the fancy pantsy restaurant upstairs. It was a complete afternoon and evening and at the end I was tired in a good way and very relaxed.

Celebrating success. It’s hard to slow down enough to take the time but it’s worth it. To all my fellow Kootenay writers, hurrah for us!!!

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