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Monthly Update

Well, it’s not mid-month, for either January or February, but I haven’t done an update for a while, so it’s time.

I’ve now been on the road for 97 days. The fact I’ve been able to continue to work while traveling is amazing me. It’s also making my head spin a little at times, so again, if I owe you something, assume I’ve forgotten and give me a shout. :D I’ll be sending out a newsletter in the new couple days.

And on Tuesday, release day, there’s a party happening at my Facebook page (but you’ll be able to enter the Grand Prize contest here at my blog and at the Goodreads and Amazon feeds.

Here’s the current working list:

Waiting for:

•  Cover for Rising, Freestyle
•  Edits for my summer books and beyond. Everything up to Silent Storm is completely ready to go!

Working on:

•  Promo for Turn I t Up and the two Pacific Passion books. Moira Rogers and I have an incredible contest planned for May to celebrate the PP series and the release of their new series …And the Beast. More news to come. (Think BIG prizes!)


•  Writing the rest of Black Gold. This is the longest wolfies to date, and it’s been an interesting story to write. Yes, they’ve taken over a few times on me. Oh well! Shaun is a hoot as usual, and Gem is perfect for him. And the secondary characters are making it a busy busy place.
•  Getting the cowboys up to full novels (Rocky Mountain Heat, etc.) and beginning to write book three. I LOVE MATT! Okay, he might be my favorite Coleman boy so far, and I adored Daniel, so that’s saying something. Some of what is being added is simply making sure the writing is consistent with what I can do now, some is adding more scenes with the boys. I am so excited about this series, and even though it seems a long way off right now, nearly back-to-back releases starting November is going to be a thrill!

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