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Mini Rant-warning

So–time for a mini-rant. This isn’t about any one person in particular, but about an attitude that makes me crazy. Remember those books and the teaching “I’m okay, you’re okay”? There’s a new one out there that keeps popping up.

“I’m right, you suck.”

Lol! Have you seen this one lately? Not only in politicians, but in the grocery store and on the street. I’m of the mind set that there are issues that are black and white, but there’s also a lot of grey out there. There are things that are totally wrong for me that you have no trouble with. If it’s not hurting someone…I’m not about to tell you you’re an idiot. I may THINK it, but I won’t tell you.

And maybe that’s the difference. Yes, I’m Canadian, so being polite is supposed to be genetically and environmentally wired into me. But is it not possible to disagree with someone politely these days?

Thumper’s mom still gives the best advice. If you can’t say something nice…go eat clover. ;)

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Marlene Breakfield
10 years ago

I’m from the Southern US and was. also, raised to be polite. I’ve noticed the same trend that you have. I agree, totally.

Marian Perera
10 years ago

From a totally pragmatic point of view, it’s better to be polite and diplomatic as well. Readers, agents and editors prefer authors who aren’t rude or arrogant.

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