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Mid Month Update

Here’s my monthly update with what I’m working on, in visual format to start. First….

Then this…

Notice anything? How about this? Does this help?

Um, yeah. I’m moving. Lock stock and barrel to…nowhere!

Actually, all my possessions, including the books from the keeper shelf are headed into storage (stay safe, guys!) and I and my family are headed into the camper and hitting the road. We’ll be leaving Canada and hitting the west coast of the US, at least for the start of the journey. Plans are open ended, but we are very excited about this stage of the adventure.

What does this means? Well, I’ll still be writing, only I’ll be on the road. It also means that I might have a chance to get to meet a few more of you. I’ll let you know when we settle in a major center for a few weeks, and there will be coffee shop gatherings! (AT bookstores, because…well, that’s a part of touring the country, right? Checking out new bookstores?)

In the meantime, here’s the current working list:

Waiting for:

•  Final cover for Tangled Tinsel (edited to add- I got it! Wheee! Show you tomorrow!)
•  Final approval on Turn It Up cover (I loves it-Angie Waters came through big time)
•  Cover for Stormy Seduction

Working on:

•  Last couple of days until the release of Wolf Tracks
•  Edits on Turn It Up. Loving the story. Maxwell Jr is OMG to die for…


•  Writing the start of Black Gold, Shaun’s story and the first in the new wolfie series
•  A sekrit project (oooh, I heard the screams!!). Yes, I have a new one of them. This one includes a couple good friends also being shhhhh, but it’s a HAWT one.

So, what do you think? :D

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9 years ago

You are brave–I get palpitations thinking of taking any of my guys erm… books out of the house, let alone shutting them into storage!

(obsessive? who are you calling obsessive? :razz: )

Have fun and stay safe and healthy!

9 years ago

YAY!!!! I can’t wait for you to come out to my neck of the woods!! My offer still stands for a hot meal and couch if you get too cramped up in the camper! :D

9 years ago

Have a wonderful and safe trip!!!

9 years ago

Have a very safe trip and enjoy!!! Hopefully you can make your way over the Kansas City Mo area. Loved to do the coffee shop thing.

Lindsey Ekland
Lindsey Ekland
9 years ago

I can not even imagine packing up my house and moving into a camper. It would be cool to travel and see America up close and personal. So I guess you are driving to RT in California in 2011?

jennifer mathis
jennifer mathis
9 years ago

oh my wow thats a big move. I wish you all the luck in the world on ur adventure. there are so many things to see you’ll have a blast

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