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Margaritaville and the world of second novels

Well, hi there.

Yes, the Margaritas are very good, thankyou. I mean, what’s Labour Day but to celebrate and relax from our labours?

(Note- it took three tries to hit the question mark key instead of the right arrow key. Verrrrryyy good Margaritas….)

I’ve discovered that writing a first novel is easy. Far easier than trying to get the damn characters to behave for a second novel. They all want to jump in and talk about everything and anything and I KNOW that that’s not where I want to start.

I want to write a book that stands alone, but makes you interested in the people mentioned whose stories have already been told. I want to write so that you don’t have to have read book one to get the story without going ‘What the heck is she talking about?’

But everything I’ve been taught up until now says my story should be starting with what I’ve got currently sitting in the Chapter three slot. You know, catchy, action begins here.

And since I’m writing romance, let’s say hello to Main Character One and Main Character Two.

But no…. my current first chapter starts 5 years before and gets into all kinds of backstory. Only it’s kinda fun if I didn’t know what was coming in a couple of Chapters from now.

And HOW do I explain that someone knows they are a werewolf to someone who knew they didn’t know they were a werewolf without telling about how they found out they were a werewolf.

Yeah, what I just said…

All I can say at this point is that I know I need to go find another lime. Decisions will wait until tomorrow.

(Oh, except I’ve realized if I’m going to make the submission deadlines I have to write the cowboy story a whole lot faster. It may need to become an online writing exercise.)

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10 years ago

this is a good story.someone have this book can sell me?just malaysian

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