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Making the story clearer

I’ve started revisions on Wolf in Flight. Again, yes, Anne was right. Too much back story by far at the start and thrown into the ms. (Grrrr, I love my editor….I guess.)

Sooo… inquiring minds want to know, how do you remove that stuff?

With a sharp knife and a lot of words!

Lol, I’ve revised chapter one. Consisted of removing the old first TWO chapters and writing an entirely new one. Because I realized as I started this project that I really DID have tons of backstory. Everywhere. In chapters one and two but also in three, four etc. I’ve been dropping info non stop in this story.

So instead of telling the info I’m trying to get back to the most important points. Who is the story about and what are they about? That’s where I’m working to solve the riddle of how to fix the problem.

Time will tell if it works…

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Jess Dee
Jess Dee
12 years ago

Oh, I know how chopping up your baby can hurt.

Good luck! But I have full faith you’ll do it brilliantly. 🙂


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