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LSBooks Sunday ~Flash~ Holiday Blog Tour

Ready for a little excitement? Welcome to the Sunday Flash Holiday Blog Tour.

What’s a ~Flash~? It’s a 100 word snippet of a story that will be built on in increments to tell a part of a bigger tale.


If you’ve been with the tour from the start, you are now getting ready to read ~flash~ #6 from at least ten authors. You should have come from Dee Carney Once you’ve had some fun here, the next blog in the lineup is PG Forte

If you want to start the whole tour at the beginning, we began with ~Flash~ #1 at SExpressions with Roscoe James hosting.

My series of ~flashes~ are from what I hope to be book two in the Six Pack Ranch series. Book One, Rocky Mountain Heat is available from Liquid Silver Books, and there’s a blurb and excerpt on my book page.

Hope you’re having fun with the ~FLASH~ today (love those little ~ things!) You are welcome to comment- please do! Give us the WOW’s and ooohhhhh’s and where you hope the flash heads…that makes it more fun for us all.

You might find you want to go back a second time through the tour later to see what new things have shown up as well- we’ve got people from across the country participating. I’ll be online adding my parts hopefully by 7am Pacific. See you then!


Vivian Arend
Romance, Hot and Wild

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Roscoe James
Roscoe James
11 years ago

Morning Vivian. Lookin’ good. Yeah, this is just a walk-through before the party really gets started. I’ve had a couple of hot buttered rums, a shot of scotch… oh, right. Thanks.

Yep. This is definately the way to take a tour.

Back later to flash.

Emily Ryan-Davis
Emily Ryan-Davis
11 years ago

Good morning! I’m flashing fast because I might have to go to work in this ridiculous snow. I’ll be back along the tour to stop and enjoy the sketches!

Christmas at the Manporium – 5

Forcibly jerking her thoughts from that pathway, she double checked her list. Only the family left. Joy was easy – all she ever wanted was vidstreams. Mom was similarly easy, only book cards were her addiction. Dad, though. Hmm. Maybe some new kitchen gadget. He had everything, though, so that might take some work. She’d have to think about that some more.

Oh. But thinking of Dad reminded her. Shunting her shopping list to the right side of the screen, she pulled up the recipe she’d dug up. A promise was a promise, after all. If Dad wanted to make gingerbread men, she wasn’t going to argue. But she was going to have to do some shopping.

Noelle skimmed the recipe, trying to remember what her dad kept stocked. Well, she was pretty sure he had flour. And she was mostly sure he had pepper. Oh, but the recipe called for peppercorns, and she didn’t know if he had the whole kind. Better to put it on the list.

The line shuffled forward. At least she could actually see the kiosk now.

Alanna Coca
Alanna Coca
11 years ago

Cabin Fever by Alanna Coca Chapter Six
She brought her eyes back to his, and Curtis could have sworn that his lust was mirrored in the depths. “My… Angel,” she whispered before clasping two handfuls of hair and pressing her lips against his. He pulled her closer, his hands frantically touching every inch of her silky skin, knowing that she’d come to her senses any moment now, and run from the room screaming. She released her hold on him only to reach back and flick the clasp of her bra and toss it away. Curtis thought he might embarrass himself at the first press of those beautiful breasts against his chest. He didn’t have time to wallow in the feeling. She reached down between them, pulled his straining dick out of his boxers, moved her panties to the side, and impaled herself on him before he could even think.
Holy shit. Incredible moist heat surrounded him, sending more blood to his loins, making him harder than he thought he’d ever been. And then she moved. Slow gyrations of her hips against his, maddeningly slow, and just enough to brush her nipples against his pecs.

Jolie Cain
Jolie Cain
11 years ago

Early Christmas Present #6-Jolie Cain

Katie realized that this was her only chance to get what she wanted…Luke. She’d planned this whole night very carefully, and she knew it was now or never. She had to make Luke see her as a grown woman, not the annoying pest who’d followed him and her brother around when they were young. She took a deep breath, aware that his eyes immediately focused on her breasts. Yes, she thought happily. He wasn’t completely indifferent to her. Her plan was working. Now if she just had the guts to go through with the whole thing…”Scott doesn’t own me, Luke. He’s my brother, not my father. And I’m an adult, you know. I turned twenty-four last October. I think I’m quite old enough to make up my own mind about what I want.” She shrugged her shoulder, deliberately sending the ribbon down until one rosy nipple was exposed. “And I want you, Luke. I have for a long time.”

PG Forte
PG Forte
11 years ago

Are you handing out those IV drips, Viv? ‘Cause otherwise it’s cruel to tempt me like that. I’m just sayin…

Rapture – #6

Martin and the girls wandered through a maze of wooden stalls. The cacophony of two dozen steel bands playing slightly different melodies made his head spin. Their feet stirred dust into the air, already hot and heavy with the smells of rum and kerosene.

The need to possess her consumed him. He pulled her into the narrow space between two stalls, trapping her against the wall and felt himself harden as she pushed against him. Hands trembling he cupped the swells of her breast. The touch of his thumbs on her nipples, sent shivers rippling through her until she pushed away from him, suddenly, and he lost her amid the jostling crowd.

Juniper Bell
Juniper Bell
11 years ago

Oh, my!!! Jolie, I think he’s seeing her as a grown woman right about now. 😉

The Invitation – #6

Fingertips caressed his cock. Nicolette had made her way inside his shorts. Trouble. Ariane watched his face, but he knew it revealed nothing. Ariane trailed a hand across the swell of her breasts, down her luxuriously curved torso. His arousal strained against the girl’s hand. He’d like to throw one or both of these women onto the sand and fuck them senseless.
But not until he’d concluded his business.
He reached toward Ariane and with one twitch of his fingers released the front clasp of her top. He heard her quick hiss of breath as her breasts burst out in all their golden-skinned glory. Deep ruby-red nipples called to him. Nicolette’s eyes darted nervously between the two of them.

Roscoe James
Roscoe James
11 years ago

I am so getting into the serail flashes. We might have a nice antho going here.

Eve needs to set the rules down. Back in a flash.

PG Forte
PG Forte
11 years ago

Thanks, Viv! *smooch* Just what I needed!

RJ–back in a flash? Please tell me you’re not punning this early in the morning…either that, or get me a mai tai while you’re out.

Roscoe James
Roscoe James
11 years ago

Touching Eve


Yes. His smirk was definitely gone. Now to see if he would bolt or not.

“Yes. Rules. You are to speak only when spoken to. I am Mistress. You will do exactly as I say. And we must find you a safe word…”

“Safe word?”

“Did I ask you a question?”

“No.” He quickly added, “mistress.”

“Better. Now I think you’re over dress…”

The door opening drew her attention and she didn’t miss his transgression when he looked over his shoulder to see who was coming into the room.

“There you are.” Shirley was followed by a man Eve didn’t know. “And who would that be?”

“You said to bring a belt.” Shirley laughed and walked past her half naked pretender. “I’m not wearing one so I brought the next best thing.”

When the man that wanted to find a more quiet place reached for his slacks Eve responded immediately.

“Did I say you could get dressed?”

The man looked at Eve, then Shirley, then the man that was closing the door to the study. He dropped his slacks and stood staring at the floor.

“Good.” Even crossed the room and kissed Shirley lightly on the on the cheek. “Let us begin.”

Alanna Coca
Alanna Coca
11 years ago

Ah, love the first kiss Dee…always so sexy

Dee Carney
Dee Carney
11 years ago

Ok. I cannot count. Seriously. Here is number SIX.

Stranded (or something) #6:
“I’m sorry,” he gasped. His chest hurt from the effort to breathe.

Naomi opened her eyes and blinked rapidly. He could hear the hammering of her heart as it galloped out of control. The scent of pure, unadulterated sex wafted over him. And it almost made him throw caution to the heavens and kiss her again.

She looked dazed for a moment before her eyebrows drew together. “Is that how you treat all of your customers here, Mr. Garrison? I could have you taken up on charges!”

“No, ma’am.” Shit. Of course, this isn’t how it normally worked.

“Of course I could!” she sputtered.

What? “Ma’am?”

Roscoe James
Roscoe James
11 years ago

More great flashes. I see some book starts here for sure.

Christa Paige
Christa Paige
11 years ago

Reunion part 6

A masculine chuckle followed her breathless demand. Eric pulled away just enough to look down, meeting Kaitlin’s gaze. She smiled, deliberately licking her lips with a sensuous wet sweep of her tongue. “Don’t make me wait,” she added a bit hoarsely.

He tilted his head to the side and scrutinized her. She held still, allowing the inspection. Inside she was bristling and mentally stripping him of his sand colored uniform. On impulse, she lifted her hand and pressed her fingertips to the slight vee where tanned skin peeked out of the collar. Following the links of his silver chain, she dragged her fingers across the dips and valleys of his corded chest until she came to the double tags. She closed her fingers around the warm, metal ID tags and tugged.

He resisted, a twinkle in his eye let her know he was playing with her.

“Ask me,” Eric said with a devilish smirk.

“Kiss me,” Kaitlin commanded.

“Yes, ma’am,” he replied and swooped low, covering her mouth with his.


Roscoe James
Roscoe James
11 years ago

Drinks at Darcie’s Place

“You, well, but… you…” she cursed herself for studdering.

“You know. People that like to please. People that take pleasure in, well, giving me pleasure.”

“But you don’t really collect people. I mean, that kind of thing was outlawed a long time ago.” She thought she’d melt and dribble across the floor.

He pulled back and laughed. “Why, of course not. I got you didn’t I? You fell for it.”

Lilly fanned herself with her open hand and grabbed another drink off a tray as it floated by. She laughed nervously and assured him she knew the entire time he was kidding.

She hoped.

Juniper Bell
Juniper Bell
11 years ago

Flash Race #6 (I think)

Her body went limp against his hand. She was a puppet to his puppet master. Kitten to his tiger. The only thing she should hear in this world was him.

And why, she gathered her wits together enough to wonder … couldn’t she hear his heartbeat? She lifted her hand to his chest. Hard muscles pushed against her touch. His clothing felt like nothing she’d ever touched before. So soft it seemed to melt under her hand. Like feathers. But why would he be wearing feathers?

She dismissed the thought. Who cared? With a sigh, she leaned toward him to rest her head on his chest. She breathed in his fragrance, feeling liquid heat spring between her legs. The scent of him was enough to make her come. Or maybe it was the stroke of his hand down her naked spine that was causing these eruptions of arousal.

Wait a second. Naked? Where had her clothes gone?

PG Forte
PG Forte
11 years ago

ack! I’m so far behind.


where the hell am I going with this???

It was all Jack could do to restrain himself as he gathered Paige close. His hands smoothed down her back, claws itching to be released. He wanted to rip the dress from her body. He wanted to pull her down onto the warm desert floor. Slowly, he ordered himself. You don’t want to scare this one off. Been there, done that. Too many times.

He forced himself to pull back, to break off the kiss.

“What are you doing?” Paige’s voice sounded rough and unsteady. “Why did you stop?”

Jack gulped for air. “We’re moving kind of fast, don’t you think?”

Paige’s eyes gleamed like molten silver in the moonlight. “No. I don’t.”

Jeanne Barrack
Jeanne Barrack
11 years ago

ACK! Just realized I missed Vivian’s blog!!!!

MATING RITUAL #6 ~ Jeanne Barrack
Khat had reached the limits of his patience. The gazebo was shielded from the rest of the park by a heavy growth of bushes and a thick stand of willows, their branches bending over the structure and protecting them from prying eyes. But then, he didn’t give a damn if anyone saw them. Not when Mark had finally followed his lead and managed to push Khat’s jeans down his hips and fondle his hard cock.
He shoved Mark’s jeans all the way down his legs until they pooled at his feet and released Mark’s penis.
He sank to his knees, opened his mouth and slowly took in Mark’s thick arousal.
He squeezed Mark’s balls, rolling them within their soft sac.
He loved to play with balls…

11 years ago

Well at least you got it there. Liking the stories.

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