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It's the middle of the month...

In the midst of the chaos, what am I up to?

One thing I’m learning in the writing business is that actual creation writing takes up only so much time. If I could write in a vacuum I’d have 30+ stories done already. But there’s promotion, and research, and…dare I say it? Just straight out and out chatting with people who love to read/write romance.

My goal this summer is to find a bit of a groove. “I need to get my groove on.” :) So I can -just- write, or -just- play, and not feel like the to-do list is never ending.

On to the To-Do list!! Mid month, I like to update my Work in Progress goals.

Claiming Derryn– subbed for anthology call

Almost finished:
Legacy- adding a few words. It’s going to be a full length novel when done, with lots of emo and angst for my CP in Australia. ;) My most grown up novel to date, not a single person turns into an animal or makes smart ass remarks throughout. Although the character of Natasha seems to be the closest thing I’ve got to lippy. (Like that, Tash?) Romantic Suspense, another new genre attempt, and a very different voice. Maybe.

Next on the list:
I have two projects that need less than 10K added to complete. Future Shock:Wild Card is a paranormal about a group with psychic abilities. Fae Visions is an off the wall Urban fantasy.

But I’ve been challenged to try and write something to submit to Spice Briefs or Nocturne Bites. Umm, hello? Nocturne all the way. I’ll also be away from electricity for a week plus, so…

I’m going to work on that story while gone. In a notebook. Shudder. The ideas so far…another variation on the watershifters, in the inlets of the Pacific Inside passage.

:) And if I get bored I’ll keep going on book two to follow Tidal Wave. :)

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