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It's not the years, it's the miles...

Today is a special day. Twenty-five years ago my best friend and I did things up right and got hitched. Yes, I was about 4 years old when we got married…no, not really. But it simply doesn’t seem possible. I don’t feel old enough to be married that long!

And over the years we’ve always joked “It’s not the years, it’s the miles…” Yes, some of you will know that’s from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Harrison was my second choice… 😉

So this morning, we decided to do a little slide down memory lane. We went through our travel journeys, and made a list of all the trips we’ve done together. Only the ones together. Then we added up the travel distance to get there, if it was a flight or a drive. We added up the distance of the hiking, bike, paddle or ski.

Fly/Drive: 269,488km
Hike: 581km
Canoe: 800km
Ski: 821km
Cycle: 240km
That comes to a total of 271,930 km. The distance around the World at the equator is 40,074 km. This means that my sweetie and I have traveled around the globe a total of 6.79 times. So far.

I can officially now say that it’s both the years AND the miles.

For the curious, some of the places we’ve been:

Alaska, Assiniboine, Aster Lake, Asulkan Hut, Austria,Banff, Big Island, Bow Glacier, Broken Islands, Bryant Creek, Bugaboos, Canmore, Chilikoot Trail, Conrad Kain, Crimson Lake, Rocky Mountain House, Crowsnest Pass, Deception Pass, Dempster Highway, Disneyland, Drinnon Pass, Dyea, Egypt Lake, Elenor Lake, Elk Lakes, Everglades, Fairmont Hot Springs, Faye Hut, Flathead lake, Floe Lake, Fort St James, Fryatt Hut, Galatea Lakes, Goat Creek, Granite Lake Cabin, Haines, Holland, Jasper, Kananaskis, Kathleen Lake, Kauai, Keno, Yukon, Kikoman Creek, Kokanee Glacier, La Ronge, Lake Ohara, Lakeland,,Las Vegas, Leman – Burstall Pass, Maritimes, Maui, Maui Crater, Meadowlake, Medicine Lake, Mexico, Molar Meadows, Moonshine Lake, Moose Lake, Moyie Lake, Na Pali Coast, Nelson, Oahu, Osooyo, Panarama, Paradise Cove, Phoenix, Queen Charlotte Islands, Radium, Rampart Creek Youth Hostel, Revelstoke, Ripple Ridge, Rock Lake, Salmon Arm, Silver Spray, Silver Triangle, Silverstar, Skagway, Skoki Lake, Stanley Mitchell, Sylvan Lake, Three Isle, Beaty Lake, Tombstones, USA loop, Utah, Vancouver, Waterton, Wates Gibson, Wells Gray, Whitehorse, Yoho Valley, Yukon,  Yukon River, Zillertaller Alpen

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Natasha A.
Natasha A.
10 years ago

Congratulations darling!! Those are a lot of km’s!! and I am hugely impressed with all the places you have been!!!

Beverly @ The Wormhole
Beverly @ The Wormhole
10 years ago

Congratulations! Impressive!!! Sometimes I wonder which are harder – the miles or the years, but then there are days when you wonder how you could have possibly come so far and where in the world the time went! Hoping you more of all the good things!

Brenda Hyde
Brenda Hyde
10 years ago

The miles and the years are pretty dang cool:) Congratulations! I married my best friend too, and I highly recommend it:)

Maria D.
Maria D.
10 years ago

Congratulations Vivian!

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