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The secret is out...D

I’ll announce it later today.

Why yes, yes, I am teasing you all. It’s something I’m good at, and haven’t you always heard you’re supposed to practice what you’re good at? To keep in tip top form, right? ;)

But a hint? It’s one of the sekrit things I mentioned I was working on during the mid-month update. And it’s a NICE secret, that should make you happy. I’ll be making an announcement on twitter first, and then sneaking in here. See you soon!

**ducks for cover**


IT’S LATER!!!–you ready?

Okay, I’m very excited to announce that I’ll have a new shifter book out in December. It’s going to be a part of the Carina Press holiday special, and it’s got cat shifters! Title isn’t firmed up yet–I’ve been calling it Puss in Boots–but we’ll see what happens.

December 6th.

Rough blurb:

She’s the cat’s meow…and he’s ready to pounce.

Five miles of leather-clad leg is all it takes to lure Kyle Branegan out from his carefully hidden lifestyle as a part of a secret branch of the Shifter Enforcer League. He’s hoping for a night of fun and frolicking cat style—no strings attached. With a sultry swing of the hips, Eloise tangles him up in her ball of tricks and just when he thinks he’s about to get lucky…she cuffs him, naked, to her bed.

An undercover cop in the regular human police force, El’s given a top-secret mission to keep the big cat under her paw for a while. Her decision to take him home for a quiet, laid-back Christmas in her sleepy hometown turns out to be far more interesting than she expected. Her parents are suddenly Nouveau Riche, her old boyfriend is sniffing around, and all six feet plus of the sexiest cougar male in town is sleeping in her bed.

And that’s before things get confusing…

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Natasha A.
10 years ago

:P~~~ I don’t think you need to practice any more.

10 years ago

yeah you’re realllll good at teasing us :) Is it a free read? A girl can dream can’t she :)

10 years ago

Holy Xmas sleepover!

Yay! (me want) and congratulations, missy!

10 years ago

Congrats, Vivian.

Leah Braemel
10 years ago

Contract #20…girl you have to slow down. Maybe we can find you a real life cat shifter for you to play with-we have to have some way to distract you.

10 years ago

I have to have this one!!!

10 years ago

YES!! Awesome news, Viv!!

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