Vivian ArendVivian ArendVivian ArendVivian Arend

How do I love you?

Let me count the ways…

Writing a romance novel with heat involved means I get to have my choice of what kind of mischief the characters are going to get up to, (or down to…) right?


My cowboys hit the crucial point of the story and I thought they were off to a nice private cabin for the main event.

Silly me! First I’m told there will be an interlude in the parking lot, some very dangerous driving on the way home and then…Well, let’s just say Blake’s got great staying power. I had to move a chapter title back becasue the foreplay is dragging out longer than I thought.

And I haven’t had a chance to plan any other mischief for them. I guess I should just let them go for it, they’re pretty interesting without me!

List of lovin’ since leaving the pool hall:
-climax for her by hand along with lots more kisses
-sexy show and tell session
-striptease, her
-striptease, him
-breast play
-oral sex for her
-intercourse (with kisses)

I think they’re taking a breather. I know I need one.

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