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Hidden Away

Being hidden away in a witness protection program wasn’t on Jessi’s agenda. Neither was having a gorgeous stranger turn into a giant dog in front of her, the same dog that has been sleeping in her bed for the past week. Yet when the Alpha of the local werewolf pack announces she’s his mate and proceeds to initiate her into everything werewolf before the next full moon she can’t help but feel that she’s finally in the right place.

Tyler’s been working all over the country for years, protecting the secret of werewolf existence from humans. His wolf side has decided that it’s time for him to settle and down and become a proper Alpha to a growing pack. That’s on top of dealing with one last mission for his office, a teenage brother with an attitude and a newly triggered werewolf mate,

Small town living has never been so interesting…


I’ve completed this work and it’s currently undergoing edits. 51K. Overall it’s a fun story but I need to work through a couple places that it’s a little too ‘nice’- ie. problems get solved in the blink of an eye. Jessi is just a hoot, a little lippy and not vaporous at all. Tyler is all Alpha and the two have really good chemistry. I’m really needing some beta readers for this work before I get brave enough to submit it to a publisher.


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