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Hero Feature: Walker Stone from A Rancher's Song

Walker Stone, the hero of A RANCHER’S SONG will hit the bookshelves on May 15th, but we wanted you to get the chance to know more about him now!

(photo credit: Rob Lang)

(photo credit- Rob Lang)

Walker Stone is the middle child in the Stone family, and in addition to being a bull rider on the rodeo circuit, he’s also a talented singer. 

Walker lives up to the middle child position. He’s a thinker, sometimes too much so. That’s part of what’s going to get him in trouble in “A Rancher’s Song”. But he’s also got a huge heart, and it’s always belonged to only one woman—Ivy Fields.

Over Christmas last year, Nicole and Vivian went to Las Vegas together and had the chance to spend the day at the rodeo. Enjoy these pictures and videos that helped inspire Walker and his job at the rodeo!

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