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Happiness Heatwave-Author Giveaway

No, I’m not giving away authors, it’s a giveaway FOR authors. :P

One of my happy discoveries as we traveled this past year was the store LIFE IS GOOD. That place makes me smile! And the motto sums up very much how I think about my writing/writing career.

“Do what you like. Like what you do.”

I know it’s not always ponies and rainbows in the life of an author. It’s hard work and hair pulling is occasionally on the To-Do list. BUT, I still think getting to do what I love-writing- makes this job the most incredible privilege.


This giveaway is for all published authors. ANYONE. If I can buy your book online/in a store, you are eligible. Yes, La Nora is eligible, if she wants. ;) (I’ll have another giveaway down the road for those of you who are working at getting published.)

Please- don’t feel shy about entering. I know as an author I usually avoid entering contests to allow the readers to win. This one is FOR authors. No guilt. Enter, dammit!

Just leave a comment with your name and the name of your book/one of your books. That’s all. If you want to talk about how writing makes you happy, go for it, but that’s not required.

The prize? I have to use the link because I’m on my iPad. Two parts: a funky tote bag from LIFE IS GOOD

…and a $20 gift certificate at the online bookstore of your choosing.

Contest is open until Monday, July 25th. Share the word– share the happiness. We’ve got an awesome job!

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Sheila (@stinginthetail)

“I know it’s not always ponies and rainbows in the life of an author. ” What…? But i was promised freaking ponies!

Cassandra Curtis
10 years ago

Pretty nifty idea. Thanks. Yep, I’m the same way, I always hesitate entering contests because I’m an author. I have nine ebooks out there and more on the way. But I also have a trade paperback called Shifting Tides. It’s erotic paranormal and the shapeshifters are either selkies, mermaids, sea sirens, sharks, or dolphins. Guess you could say my heroes like it wet! rofl. My book can be ordered from, or B&N online. :-)

Lexxie Couper
10 years ago

My writing to-do list usually looks like this: Make stuff up. Pray it sounds good. Check for spelling ;)

Lexxie Couper
(Author of such soul-searching tomes as Copping A Feel, Blowing it Off and the soon-to-be-released Suck and Blow)

Nara Malone
10 years ago

Writing makes me happiest when I disappear into the story and look up five minutes later to discover several hours have passed by. My first book was The Tiger’s Tale and is available in both print and e-book.

Thanks for having an author contest, I’m always hesitant to enter contests too. I haven’t stopped reading or buying books, but for some reason it just feels like prizes should go to those who only read.

Lynn Townsend
10 years ago

My story isn’t quite out yet, but it’s available for pre-order on Amazon ;-) The book title is Steamlust, the editor is Kristina Wright. My to-do list is crazy; I have an 8×11 calendar with my daily chores, writing goals, story deadlines, blog postings, etc etc. I seem to do my best work while sitting in the laundromat. How weird is that? I love the sounds of washers and dryers working, I love the smell of dryer sheets. And there’s something quite satisfying about being able to do 5 loads of laundry *and* write 1,500 words all at the same… Read more »

Shara Lanel
10 years ago

Cool–a contest for authors–love it! I love the research, because I can learn about all kinds of subjects, like Buddhism, poison, bondage, history, New Orleans… And I can take any of my life experiences and use them as fodder for a story. A couple of my books are Blame It on the Moon and Telekinetic Kisses.

JK Coi
10 years ago

Who said we don’t get ponies and rainbows? Mine came in just yesterday *snirk* :)
Lexxie, honey, I LOVE your titles!
Lynn, I heard about that Steamlust antho and it sounds awesome! Love the cover of it too, congrats!

LOL–happiness is….editing at midnight

JK Coi
FALLING HARD available from Carina Press

Jesi Lea Ryan
10 years ago

Writing makes me happy because the feeling of creating is so fulfilling to me. I love that feeling when a book or a story is “done,” and I can share it with others. My name is Jesi Lea Ryan and my debut novel, Four Thousand Miles, can be found on Amazon at

Lisa Hendrix
10 years ago

Writing is a job you can do in your jammies or at a coffee shop. What’s not to love?

Lisa Hendrix
Immortal Outlaw
Immortal Warrior

Lilly Cain
10 years ago

I went to the bank recently and was quizzed on my income – when we got to the writing I replied “doesn’t matter, I write because of the joy of it”. The statement just popped out, and it was true. :)

My most recent series is sci-fi erotic romance with Carina Press – The Naked Truth was released with them in June 2011.

Lilly Cain

Nico Rosso
Nico Rosso
10 years ago

Thanks for this, Viv.

I like writing because it allows us and challenges us to be everything. Architect and geologist when building the world, psychologist and demi-god when creating the characters, spinner of fate when plotting the story, sometimes a jeweler for his watch or armorer for her weapon, on and on through the details.

PUSHED TO THE LIMIT – Sci-fi romance available now.

Christine Bell
10 years ago

Yay! Fun! Lessee, writing makes me happy because with 4 kids, 2 dogs and a husband, it’s the thing I have for just me. Yes, I want to be successful at it to support my family, but the actual joy of writing is mine alone.

Christine Bell
(Author of The Twisted Tale of Stormy Gale at Carina Press, and a bunch of other stuff)

Dee Carney
10 years ago

I started writing when I was lost. Every word that leaves my brain and shows up on the computer screen is like a little pebble. Every pebble is the foundation for a path back to myself. After three years, not only have I found my way again, I’m blazing a trail of discovery. It’s awesome.

What I just wrote might not make any sense to you, but I promise, is 100% God’s truth to me.

Dee Carney
10 years ago

And because I’m awesome like that, I forgot to leave the name of one of my books. lol. My latest release is KEEPING PACE (Samhain Publishing)

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