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Getting TURN IT UP ready for print

One the fun tasks of getting the digital-first Samhain books ready for print is doing GALLEYS, where I get one last chance to go through and fix typos, and small word mix ups, because face it, it IS impossible to get them.

I go through my books, my beta readers do, my editor and I do multiple passes looking for everything to fix. A Final Line Editor (FLE or also called a CE- copy editor) looks at it and even before Samhain makes up the ebook formats for the different stores I read it through one more time.

Galleys- the first set I did for Wolf Signs/Wolf Flight antho I had pages of corrections, mainly because I made the writing clearer. Also, because I fixed one anatomical FAIL I had in the book. **whistles innocently**

This time, for TURN IT UP? There were only 6 corrections in the entire book. CHEERS.

Also, I get to send along some reviews that will be included in the front pages of the print book. I want to share this one with you because it made me lol so hard.

Max is quite possibly one of the most swoonworthy heroes I’ve read about in recent memory.  I am a total sucker for the Hero In Pursuit trope, and Arend really makes it work here.  This can be tricky, since the guy who pines for the heroine from afar (and for years!) can come off as creepy or stalker-ish, but Max is such a fantastic guy that after the first chapter I was ready to remove the Gone Fishin’ sign from my uterus and make babies with him.
Wendy- Super Librarian

(the rest of the review is here if you want to read it.)

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Sullivan McPig
Sullivan McPig
9 years ago

That is quite a fun and cool review.

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