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Fluffy Bunny Readers Unite!

I’ve made mention of this before, but I’m a Fluffy Bunny Reader. Things get too scary, and I’m gone. That doesn’t mean all my books have to be Rainbow Bright and Sweet Ponies, but instead of having the sex behind the closed door, I’d like the violence there.

In honour of this trait my good friend Valerie Tibbs and I have formed a new society. As founding members we hereby swear to do our best to uphold our right to read awesome tales that make us happy without the icky scenes that freak us out. Anyone else who wants to join our group is more than welcome, and please feel free to proudly display the membership badge!

So, are you a Fluffy Bunny Reader? :)

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Valerie Tibbs

ROFL!!! That’s too funny! I hope we get more members soon…



I’m definitely a Fluffy Bunny Reader :)


I like this. Fluffy Bunny Reader. Definitely me. I’ve even seriously cut back on my vampire reading(at least of new stories-gotta reread faves)since a lot of the authors out there started getting a little dark in their vampire worlds.

Nancy Gilliland
Nancy Gilliland

Definitely a Fluffy Bunny reader, Ms. Viv!! There’s always room for Fluffy Bunnies *just don’t introduce any to T.J. please, you know how he can be)


Methinks I may b kicking some bunny ass

Lindsey Ekland
Lindsey Ekland

I will sign up to be a founding member and I volunteer to sit on the board. Oh defiantly have to look away if the description of violence gets to graphic and do not get me started on having to close my eyes during action movies, be it guns or fists.

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