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Favorite Author- Lauren Dane

When I discovered ebooks back in January of 2008 one of the first authors I found was Lauren Dane. I was in my “werewolf stage”, and the Cascadia Wolves were my introduction to her excellent work.

Enforcer, Reluctant and Tri-Mates not only thrilled me with the world building excitement of weres fitting into a human reality, they were full of tough and capable heroines who took hold of life with both hands. Lauren wrote cliffhanging moments, times of tenderness and occasions that I would laugh out loud.

I followed her over to Samhain for the rest of the books. Good timing on my part since I had very little wait to enjoy Wolf Unbound, Standoff and Fated. Imagine my delight to find there was another series written by her available at Samhain. The Chase brothers brought me a new level of appreciation for Lauren as she dealt with tough realities without the aid of fantasy to soften relationship drama.

Lauren is an auto-buy for me.

And now I’ve had the chance to read Laid Bare, a Berkley Heat publication, that released August 4th. Lauren–I have to say it. You’ve gotten better and I pretty much loved you before. 🙂

The story is emotional, rich with imagery and passion. It’s not a cookie cutter book, yet she doesn’t throw things at you to simply to shock or surprise. There are reasons for everything, layers with layers. And they all make sense.

I still feel the flavour of her author’s voice. It’s not like Lauren reinvented herself by changing totally, because I would have missed the things that make her unique. The sense of humour, the sharp wit. The steamy sex. 🙂 But she’s taken the whole product and added 110 proof shots. There’s more humor– but more subtle, more real. The witticisms are like a family conversation and because you know the background, the cuts are just that much deeper. And the steam?


Erin and Todd are there… from the first sultry eye catching moments the heat level simmers, with lightning bursts igniting at all the right moments. And later Ben. Ahhh, Ben. I read Lauren’s account of Ben and was relieved to discover I’m not the only one hijacked by my characters. (ie Anthony in Tidal Wave who insisted he needed in..)

I continue to look forward to the next thing on Lauren’s list. In the meantime, I’ll reread the books that opened up a whole new world to me. I have to say thank you to Lauren. She unknowingly became one of the stepping stones on my journey to becoming an author, but I will always be first and foremost a reader.

And as a reader I hope you keep them coming, Lauren!!

Now available in bookstores nationwide and via, Books A Million, Barnes and Noble, and in digital via Books On Board, Sony Store, etc!

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Looking for a great summer series?
Try the Chase Brothers.

Four stories starting with Giving Chase


Cascadia Wolves
Six stories beginning with Enforcer.

My favorite is Tri-Mates with Wolf Unbound a close second.

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Lauren Dane
Lauren Dane
12 years ago

I'm beyond flattered. Thank you so very much for all the lovely things you said about me and my books. Really, you've made my day.

Natasha A.
Natasha A.
12 years ago

I've pre-ordered my copy, but…have free shipping. SO even though it came out yesterday, it is going to be forever before I get it! lol
I can't wait to read it! I keep hearing awesome things *grin*

12 years ago

I love the Chase Brothers Series, I've read them a couple of time … for my keeper bookshelf.

12 years ago

Of course after making this comment on Sat, I began to think about the series and don't you know it, I've started to re-read the series. I love Petal, Polly, and all the boys.

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