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Fae Visions

Fae Visions copyright Vivian Arend 2008

Part Three

A blinking light on the monitor made him pause as he momentarily stopped to make sure that it was legal Fae personnel crossing between the two worlds. He snorted back a laugh. He was the last person anyone would have expected to be so concerned about whether people were behaving in a legal manner or not.

He’d broken a few rules over the years.

More than few.

The fact he’d risen to a kind of honourary leader of the Border guards was because of his skill rather than his attitude toward the whole thing. If the real head of the FBE had his choice Jordon wouldn’t be welcome within miles of any of the supervisor stations. And Jordon wouldn’t be here now if his presence wasn’t needed.

That was the strangest part of this whole crisis situation. While the media in Fae ranted about unauthorized entries by humans and worried about tracking down dangerous untrained humans that might have some innate magic, Jordon had felt nothing but calm.

He’d spent time walking where he knew there were a few unmanned gateways, deep in the forests of the north and high in the mountain passes. There had been no human crossings yet using the information that had shown up on the internet. Of course getting to those gateways would take most humans planning and physical strength so he figured that when they did show up over the next months they would be at least somewhat worthy of entering his homeland.

Sheer chutzpa was a requirement to survive in Fae. Magic ability was a bonus, not a need.

But now that the height of the crisis was over he’d been summoned by…something… to come to Main Frame. Tonight. He didn’t understand it but he wasn’t about to question it. His intuition about these things was rarely wrong.

He glanced at his watch. There was no sign of Shane yet even though the shower had turned off a couple of minutes ago. It was getting close to 20 minutes. Jordon pushed back from the computer, letting the wheels of the computer chair take him halfway across the room before he stood and headed toward the street entrance. The security door looked him over before opening in front of him politely.

Jordon trotted down the stairs toward the front door to wait for the pizza.

The shop’s large windows had the company name printed in large bold letters. ‘Rockwell Extra Bold’ font Shane had informed him, getting a kick out of the coincidence that Jordon’s last name was Rockwell. Now the streetlights reflected the image back so the shadow on the floor clearly read ‘Main Frame, computer installations and services.’

It was as good a front as any. Just because some of the computers in the back offices were linked to Fae didn’t mean that legitimate business couldn’t take place in the shop. Jordon could fix just about any computer problem presented to him. The fact he used magic to solve the most difficult puzzles… well that was no one’s business.

Of course he did get a kick out of being called a ‘computer wizard’.

Wizard! Please. He passed wizard level back in grade school.

He wandered through the main floor displays, rearranging and tidying up as he slowly paced through the store. He owned the place but had a couple of humans that managed the shop for him. They thought he was a trifle eccentric when he explained he wanted to work the floor occasionally and help out with the more difficult repairs, but only on his own schedule. Jack and Dale had no idea that the second floor back office had the real workings of Main Frame; the gateway monitoring systems and Mary’s connectors to the rest of the Fae/Earth enhanced computers. Jack and Dale had no idea Jordon was from another world. They had no idea that Fae existed outside of fairy tales. If they’d even read the right kind of books to know about Fae in the first place.

Jack and Dale were into logic. Technology. Scientific advancement.

Jordon glanced down the street. It was quiet tonight on their little side stretch off Main Street. The dark windows of his neighbors’ shops reflected back the streetlights and a few love struck moths. He smiled as he realized that he felt as at home here as in the regal courts back in Fae.

There was something amusing to him about taking the best of Human technology and combining it with Fae magic and ending up with a system that worked in either world better than the original.

And that was part of why Jordon got to do things his own way. Not only here in the shop with his managers but back in Fae as well.

Jordon was the one that had perfected the method to combine technology and magic together.

It wasn’t as easy as it seemed it should be. It had been tried before and the results disastrous. Even when a magic user was strong enough to force his magic into a machine there would be the inevitable crisis moment ending in either a meltdown or an explosion.

Dangerous and deadly, either way.

A car pulled slowly up the road, the driver’s head swinging back and forth as they checked shop names and numbers. Jordon watched as the vehicle backfired a couple of times before it pulled to a stop and the driver hopped out, awkwardly struggling to balance the pizza box, another square container and 2 large litres of pop.

Jordon unlocked the glass door and pushed it open to let the driver enter. He took only a momentary glance at the delivery boy until a flowery scent hit his nostrils and he froze.

The driver edged past him to the low table just inside the door and lowered the full armload of materials with a thankful sigh. The baseball cap that declared ‘Fresh, Hot, Tasty’ slipped forward and landed with a thunk on the table next to the chicken wings, revealing a mass of dark curls that fell down around a delicate looking oval face. She was tanned and her arms below the short sleeves were strong and full.

“Sorry about that. It’s not my uniform and the damn thing just doesn’t fit right.” The girl picked up her cap and twisting her hair into a bundle jammed it up under the cap, dragging the brim down almost to cover her eyes.

Jordon was still holding the door.

“You’ve got an account with the shop, did you want to pay cash or just add this to the account?” She adjusted the pop bottles to stop one from rolling off the table and then turned to face Jordon.

The uniform was baggy, the name across her chest said ‘Mitch’ and she had a streak of dirt crossing her nose just under the big brown eyes that stared back at him waiting for a response.

He was still clinging to the door.

“Hey, buddy. I’ve got to get back to the shop.” Her eyes changed to being suspicious and she scooted to the side a little. A little further from him.

Jordon tried to pull himself together. “Sorry about that, just needing a breath of fresh air. It’s been a long day and I’ve been working overtime, never took the time for supper until now and it’s really such a nice evening…”

Incredible. He was rambling. But she settled down, her body tension releasing a little. Good, he hated to see her tense. He only wanted to see tension in her when she was preparing to climax in his arms, her body poised on the brink of orgasm. He needed…

Oh hell, this was bad.

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