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Excerpt- Whirlpool

Breaking Waves, the anthology of Tidal Wave and Whirlpool is out on Tuesday, so here’s an excerpt for fun.


Chelsea licked her lips and let her head fall to the side. Braden kissed his way down her neck, nuzzling behind her ear. Her nipples tightened, one breast held cupped in Braden’s hand, framed like an exotic work of art.

Desire threaded through Jamie, then one seam at a time yanked apart his inhibitions.

“Hmm, yes. Feels so good, Braden. Touch me, love me. I need it, need Jamie too.” Her husky voice beckoned him, the sound swirling through the room, and Jamie grew lightheaded. The desire to join them, to touch and caress every part of the beautiful woman before him grew irresistible.

He wanted her. It was the plain and simple truth. Jamie lifted his gaze to take in Braden’s towering frame, watching the two of them move in a beautiful symmetry together. Smooth, sensual.

So be it. In spite of not completely understanding all the whys, he was willing to accept it for now and figure the details out later.

They met in the middle of the bed and all his saved-up passion broke free. Jamie kissed Chelsea like his life depended on it. Her sweet tongue tangled with his, their naked torsos touching, the tight tips of her nipples hard against his chest. She caressed his shoulders, dragged her fingers through his hair, tugging harder as the intensity of the kiss increased.

Braden joined them. He’d stripped off his shirt and the bare skin of his arm brushed Jamie’s side as they trapped Chelsea between them.

She moaned with delight. “Oh yes, this is what I needed.”

The breathless confession did something to Jamie’s heart. He’d desired her before all the chaos of the day, and for whatever reason he was receiving this gift, he was going to treasure it.

He glanced over her shoulder to see Braden smiling at him. “It really is what we want. She needs us both right now.”

Jamie nodded, staring with fascination at the centers of Braden’s eyes. Blue flecks of light reflected back at him. I know what you are, man of mythology. The temptation to reach over and kiss Braden no longer frightened him. Passion erased his habit of analyzing.

Chelsea wiggled impatiently between them, and Jamie willingly turned back. He sat on the bed to worship her breasts, laving her nipples, nibbling along the soft under curve. Braden slipped a hand over her belly and between her legs, parting the pale curls of her mound to play with her clitoris. He slid his fingers in and out of her passage. Jamie watched everything as he worked his way down her body, needing to taste her as the scent in the room increased.

“Braden, give me room.”

Two men making love to one woman—he’d never done this before. There were points of juggling limbs he’d never realized. Braden switched his hold, bringing his hand between Chelsea’s legs from behind. As Braden eased his fingers back into her sheath, Jamie covered her with his mouth, teasing her clit with his tongue. Her flavor filled him, made his head spin. He reached down and circled his cock with a fist, holding off to make sure Chelsea was satisfied before he grew too tempted.

They worked in tandem, Jamie matching the pace of Braden’s thrusts. Slow now, then quicker, until she cried out, her body quivering between them. Heated liquid rushed his tongue as he lapped, dragging his tongue against her folds. Braden pressed in, again and again, prolonging her climax. Jamie’s tongue brushed Braden’s fingers as the other man slowly circled her clitoris, teasing the still-quivering flesh under his fingers. Chelsea sighed heavily as she leaned back, supported by Braden’s torso, her skin flushed.

Jamie held on to his control by a thread, his aching cock reminding him he wanted much, much more.

“You’re amazing, Chelsea, so beautiful.” Braden kissed her neck.


The tormented need in her voice made Jamie put aside his caution. No longer waiting to see what Braden would do, he rolled her to the mattress and covered her with his body. Skin to skin, her warmth felt so right under him. He closed his eyes for just a second to appreciate it fully.

He kissed her again, this time a slow and thorough exploration. Tongues and lips and open mouths. He breathed her in and the darkness and fears he’d experienced all faded away. She was right. It was a celebration—of life and love and a passion that had been far too long unanswered.

The stroke of a hand down his back reminded him Braden was still with them, and yet…he couldn’t stop. All his focus was on Chelsea, on the pleasure he found in her, the pleasure he wanted to bring her.

“You should see what I see.” Braden’s deep voice rustled through the air. He touched them both, his hands skimming Jamie’s side. Hovering where Jamie cupped Chelsea’s breast. The contrast of their fair skin and Braden’s darker coloring—his rougher, beefier hands—showed clearly. “You two look like erotic Greek statues, porcelain fine and breathtakingly beautiful.”

Chelsea laughed softly as she snaked out an arm to catch Braden around the neck. “And you’re Poseidon, rising from the sea to love us both?”

“Hmm, it’s not difficult to love you, baby.” He kissed her, lowering himself to lie skin to skin against Jamie’s side. Jamie watched in fascination until Chelsea squirmed under him, pressing her breast up into his hand, and he shifted to be able to reach her easier. He nibbled and licked, listening to the soft noises of pleasure she made, hearing Braden’s whispered words of love.

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