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Excerpt- Rising, Freestyle

Coming next Tuesday, book two of the Xtreme Adventures


Melanie grabbed him by the shirt and clung to him as their lips meshed. A gentle caress of mouths, with no teeth, no frantic moving to the next stage. Almost as if they were exploring each other for the first time.

It was an offering, a sacrifice. Something to affirm that while having Nathan show up created a new situation between them, the foundation they had built was solid and worthwhile.

Derrick rolled her under him on the couch, working his way down her body. Removing her clothes, kissing all the tender spots he’d discovered over the past months. His fascination with her breasts made her smile.

“I still can’t believe you like them that much.”

Derrick hummed happily. His palms forced her nipples upward so he could more easily suckle one, then the other. “More than a mouthful is too much.”

She laughed. “Barely a mouthful. Oh, that’s good.” She held on to his head, keeping him close. His lips surrounded one tip, his fingers pinching and drawing the other nipple tight and ready for his hot mouth to lick. Circles followed by long, slow licks. A shiver raced along her spine and she pressed harder to his lips, looking for a little more.

The soft fabric cradled her torso as he tugged her toward the end of the couch. She laughed as he pulled her yoga pants from her in one smooth practiced move. Somehow he caught her panties at the same time, and she lay sprawled totally naked before him.

He stared at her, his gaze intent, hunger on his face. “I know why Nathan wants you.”

She hesitated. Why was he bringing up Nate?

Derrick rose to his feet, looming tall and muscular over her. He still wore all his clothes, and she realized with a start she wasn’t embarrassed in the least to be completely naked before him.

“You have no idea how beautiful you are.” He rasped out the words—lusty and low.


He squatted beside her, shaking his head slightly as he drew a finger down her body. “Your body is powerful. Slim in the right spots, curved perfectly in others.”

His palm cupped her hip for a second before slipping back to cradle her ass.

The expression on his face, even more than his words, stroked her. “I’m glad you like how I look.”

He grinned wickedly. “And the way you smell.”

“Oh my God.” He had picked up her legs and draped them over his shoulders, and her sex clenched. Wanting something to grasp, to fill her. She didn’t have long to wait. Maintaining eye contact, he lowered his head and breathed in deeply.

“The way you taste.”

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