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Doing edits- snippet for fun

I’m working on Stormchild, coming May 4, 2010, from Samhain. Still in edits. but here’s a little to enjoy.


The pale glow of her beauty wrapped around his heart as much as around his body. As Matt gazed at Laurin, laid out like some kind of exotic feast on his bed, he wondered when he had lost control of the situation.

The magic filling the room was now more powerful than he’d ever experienced. Sexual pleasure was a strong catalyst for shaman skills, but of this intensity? The unreasonable concentration of passion he felt scared him. Made him hesitate and wonder if it was safe to continue. He sat beside her with care and laid his hand on her chest, his fingers splaying out as he opened himself to his mystic side. It wasn’t an invasive search, only a surface questioning of her innate skills.


Nothing came to him except the overwhelming desire to drive into her body and never leave. Laurin moaned, a small noise deep in her throat, and he lost all interest in solving the mystery of why the room blazed with energy. He’d formally accepted her offered gift, now was time to enjoy each other. They could seek answers later.

He covered her with his naked body. He sucked in a quick breath at the rightness of the sensation, heat to heat, hard to soft. Lip to lip as he took her mouth again. Honeysuckle sweet, submissive under him, Laurin lifted her hands to stroke his back with a whisper-light touch. Her legs fell open to allow him to nestle closer. His erection wept where it rested against her belly, and involuntarily he rocked his hips, shifting them lower. The motion dragged his shaft though her soft curls and moisture from her pussy coated his cock.

He kissed his way down her body, worshipping her breasts, nuzzling the underside of the sweet curves until she squirmed. A trail of kisses descended farther, stopping only to lap at her belly button. She gave a soft giggle when he dipped his tongue into the indent, and he leaned up on one elbow to smile at her.

“I love the sound of your laugh.”

Her dark eyes twinkled at him. “I love what you’re doing to me.”

“Hmm.” He kissed her belly, his gaze locked on hers. “Any requests?”

She stared back wide-eyed. “Don’t stop,” she whispered.

The fragrance rising from between her legs tormented him and he could wait no longer. “Your command is my wish, my lady.”

He glanced at the pale curls covering her mound, moisture clinging to them. He drew in a deep breath to fill his head and his lungs with her scent before dropping his mouth to kiss her intimately.


Sound fun? I loved writing this book!

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