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Day light is killing me

Totally off the wall post. Daylight is killing me.

I finally realized today that since we moved from Alberta four years ago my sleep patterns have been completely ruined.

It didn’t help that we started by moving to the Yukon. Arriving in March was fine, and frankly it’s not the long nights that mess with your system, it’s the looooong hours of daylight in the summer. In Whitehorse it finally starts to get dark around 11pm. When you are used to using the light clues to tell you it’s time for bed that is really strange. We’d be outside working in the yard and suddenly realize it was almost midnight.

The trip we took down the Yukon River in the middle of June was another over the top with light experience. I had to tie a bandanna over my eyes to be able to sleep in the tent at night.

At 2am one night we heard crashing sounds and my hubby and I got up to investigate. There was a moose leaving the island we had camped on. She crashed through the brush and waded into the water. We could see her clearly as she swam away. It wasn’t bright enough to take a picture but bright enough to see well. Welcome to the land of the midnight sun!

Then we moved to southern British Columbia. Farther south than we’ve ever lived before and now it’s the mornings that are killing me. We are too close to the time line, and so the sun gets up an hour sooner than I think he should. It’s bright at 5am these days and guess what?

I’m up.

Sigh. At least I have writing to do!!

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