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Winner- newsletter giveaway & X-mas tree trimming!

When I send out my newsletter I often do a giveaway. This time around it was for a 2012 Horses calendar from Mead and the winner is:[…]Continue Reading


Tessa Dare’s lovely novella in the Spindle Cove setting is now being enjoyed by the following ten readers:[…]Continue Reading


Three today.

From the release of KITHRA, $10 gift certificate goes to:[…]Continue Reading

Winners- and way too busy

It’s been a blur of a weekend. My son had his grad ceremony on Friday, which meant we drove 7 hours to attend the ceremony. Then, since we were already in Alberta, we drove back to our old stomping grounds to visit friends for a day. Then we drove the 10 hours back to our new home.

*collapses*[…]Continue Reading

Winners and WIP

Last day of the month, and holy moly, where did not just this month go, but the flipping year? 2011 is almost GONE! No, I won’t tell you how many days there are until Christmas–I’m not THAT cruel!

[…]Continue Reading

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