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Birthday party winners PLUS vote for the Sammies

Winners from the birthday bash

Ebook winners: use the contact button up top to tell me your needed ebook format. Print winners, get me your mailing address, please. Thanks, everyone, for helping me celebrate!

Stormy Seduction- Brenda Hyde
Rising, Freestyle- Pam B
Black Gold- Jen B
Rocky Mountain Heat- Joanne B
Rocky Mountain Haven – Lisa B

Breaking Waves – Cecile
Under the Midnight Sun – Jennifer Mathis
Turn It Up – Diane A


Next, this makes sense to mention now — my publisher, Samhain, is gathering readers votes for their ‘best of 2011’ party. If you like to vote, it’s an easy click through in 4 categories. Best ebook, best ebook cover art, best print release, best print release cover.

You get to vote for 1-3rd choices in each category, and I know there have been a ton of great books released in 2011. Make your voice heard!

I’m also soooo lovin’ my cover artist at Samhain, Angela Waters, so it would be sweet if some of her work was honoured again. Seriously, I send in the form with a few lines about the characters, a little story blurb, and in the 20+ covers she’s done for me? Most of them I’ve seen the first draft and squealed. No changes needed.

Perfect. And such a help to the story, ie. BLACK GOLD? Shaun just…fits. And wait until you see SILVER MINE. Oh my oh my oh my! Chase? :D JUST WAIT!

If you’d like to vote, the link is HERE. Have fun! Ends March 19, so you can share the information with other Samhain readers.

My 2011 eligible books are:





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Brenda Hyde
8 years ago

Thank you! I already voted:)

8 years ago

Congrats to all of the winners! I will be voting soon! :D

Diane A
Diane A
8 years ago

Congrats to all the winners and thank you!

I’ll vote from home on the laptop rathe than on the phone! It will give me time to figure how I’m supposed to choose one of those!

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