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Answering Questions

I’ve been getting a few questions lately that are the same kind, so thought I’d answer a few of them here.

1) When is the next wolfie/Granite Lake book out? and the related 2) Just who is Shaun and what the heck are the Takhini Wolves anyway?

The next of my paranormal wolfie-style books is Black Gold, book one of the Takhini Wolves, out September 13. While it’s not a Granite Lake Wolves book, it is similar in heat level, writing style, voice, etc. There are two main differences between the Takhini Wolves and the Granite Lake Wolves:

Granite Lake Wolves:
-Novellas (28-35,000 words in length)
-Completely individual books. Ie- you don’t have to read Wolf Flight to enjoy Wolf Games. Yes, getting to know the characters that overlap the books makes it more enjoyable, but each story in the GLW is a completely solo story. Start-End.

Takhini Wolves:
-Novels (Black Gold runs about 70, 000)
-Individual stories BUT the world continues. Ie, you will be able to read the second book (once I write it :P) and have a complete Start-End HEA story, but the HEA for the pack/world etc has carry over. It’s something I haven’t tried before in a larger series and I’m excited about it. (Think Moira Rogers Southern Arcana world- each book is complete in itself, but adds to the whole story.)

Who is Shaun?
In Wolf Signs he’s the ‘unnamed pilot’ friend that flies Robyn into Granite Lake that first trip.
In Wolf Flight we find out he’s Tad’s business partner and a fellow pack member of the Takhini Wolves based out of Whitehorse.
In Wolf Tracks, Shaun sneaks the helicopter in and picks up TJ and Pam to drop them at their wilderness cabin.

3) But WHEN is the next Granite Lake Wolves book out?

😛 Okay, fine, I hear you. Yes, I will be writing more of the novellas. I’m not sure when the next will release, but I have started to work on Jared’s story. I’ll let you know as soon as there is something to let you know.

4) What’s a Takhini? Are the wolves going swimming?

Lol. No, not a swimsuit, although you can wear one there.

In Wolf Signs, Keil asks Robyn if she’s from the Takhini Wolf pack or the MIle’s Canyon one. You’ll find out more about the situation in BLACK GOLD, but short answer is Takhini is a hotspring at the north end of Whitehorse, and Mile’s Canyon is a river pass on the south side. Check out Takhini Hotsprings:

IMG 6908sm

5) What about the cats? Will you write more  Cougars like Tangled Tinsel?

I’m thinking about it. I also have some dragons I’m playing with, and more wolfies, so it’s all got to fit into the big picture. Plus, right now I’m trying to get my contemporary books all caught up. Don’t worry, though, I love writing the paranormal and won’t ever stop.

5) What about the contemporary books? When is the next…

And that’s another whole post. I’ve actually got four contemporary books out this year and three paranormal. I’m trying to balance making all my readers happy. Ie, not everyone likes paranormal,  or not everyone likes menages, so every time I write one of the type that isn’t their interest, some readers skip that work.

Which means it can get longer between releases for them. Plus, there’s this little thing called “an extended road trip” that is my current life situation, which I want to say is a ton of fun, but also messes with my writing time. I’m managed to keep up so far, but I don’t want to get into trouble and promise things I can’t deliver.

Update done for now. If you have more questions, send them my way and I’ll answer the best I can next time around.

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Sullivan McPig
Sullivan McPig
10 years ago

I’m all happy with these answers! Thanks.

Jen B.
Jen B.
10 years ago

Ok, September 13 is on my calendar with a little note to pick up a copy of Takhini Wolves #1. I loved the Granite Lake novellas and I can hardly wait for getting more wolf stories in a novel legnth. Thanks for the updates!

Brenda Hyde
Brenda Hyde
10 years ago

I’m tired today and all I saw was “yada yada yada wolves…..wolves….Shaun wolf….maybe cats… BAHAHAHHAHAHA Thanks for the info:)

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