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Almost time...

…to face the future, or at least one version of it.  A very hot version. Claiming Derryn releases in only…well check the countdown clock to the right!


By the time she’d spent all her sorrow, hiccups racked her frame. Each breath shuddered out with a gasp, and still he comforted her. Trev swept her into his arms and she buried her face against him, clinging to his neck. The sound of dripping increased, the steam on her skin growing warmer. Splashing ensued, and then the velvet touch of water slightly above body temperature covered her body.

Cradled in his arms, finally back where she’d longed to be, she was tempted to close her eyes and simply forget the world of trouble around them. A soft chirp by her ear enticed her away from hiding, from continuing to ignore the reality saying it was time to move on. Melina lifted her head to stare into swirling blue eyes.

The sharysa sat on the edge of the bathing pool, its head tilting from side to side.

“She’s worried about you.” Trev adjusted them so Melina sat straddling his hips, submersed to their necks. “She wonders why you cry when you’re with your mate.”

Melina drew another shaky breath. A mate? “You can talk with them?”

“This one is more articulate than the others. She seems to like me. Usually all I get is a blurry message, but with her it’s clearer. Piata thinks you should be happy since we’re together.”

The name he gave the petite creature made Melina smile. Only Trev would name a one-foot-tall furry rodent after one of the mammoth beasts of Tarn.

“Are we together again?” Her heart ached, longing for him to acknowledge what they’d shared.

Trev scooped a handful of water and washed her tear-covered face. “We’ve never been apart, Melina, at least not in my heart. I still love you.”

The tightness eased, and she kissed him. Their lips and tongues meshed as their hands clasped beneath the waters. Happy chirps and clicking brought a laugh from them both as they glanced at the little beast who now nodded in approval.

Trev bowed his head graciously. “I agree, Piata, my partner looks very good in my arms. She belongs there.”

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