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12 days of Giving 2015: Winners Post

It’s time! First though, thank you so much to everyone who stopped in and help me celebrate the holidays in the right way–with my friends!

I have the ten charity donations under control. Thank you for your suggestions and I’m honoured to support them for you.

Here is the list of the rest of the people who won gifts. If you’re on the bottom part of the list (below the charity list) I need you to contact Nicole and let her know 1) which prize you won, and 2) any specific details she needs, such as which book you want, and in what format, or 3) your mailing address if it’s a print book, please include that as well.

Yes, what you won is written here, but in the interest of a timely delivery, sending Nic the specific information means she can get your gifts out to you a lot faster. Email her at: vivarendassistant @

As always, if by some chance you don’t get your gifts, please contact me–I’d hate to have it happen, but it occasionally does. Goofs are meant to be fixed!  ;)

Main gifts- 10 x $100 to charity. I’ll be sending them out ASAP

–  St. Jude’s Children’s hospital suggested by Dawn Marie Burke and others

–  Charity Water suggested by Azteclady

 Juvenile Diabetes Foundation suggested by Kim

–  Prostate Cancer Foundation suggested by leaannphsurvivor98 in honour of her husband

–  Ronald McDonald House suggested by a number of commentors

And because it was suggested by so many of you…

–  Wounded Warriors

–  Wounded Warriors

–  Wounded Warriors

–  Wounded Warriors

–  Wounded Warriors


Day #1
keychain #1: Vicky Yount
keychain #2: Kim
keychain #3 : Diane Blaser

Day #2    Gift card: Jean Torgeson White

Day #3   Bag of swag: Colleen C.

Day #4   ebook of choice: Elizabeth T.

Day #5   ebook backlist: Misty

Day #6    DreamMakers ebooks: Jacqualine

Day #7
Vivi’s Ghosts: Nancy Gilliland
Patty’s Mechanic: bn100

Day #8
Christmas Book 1: Elizabeth T.
Christmas Book 2: Susan T.

Day #9  Choice of Vivian Arend print book or 2 ebooks from backlist:
winner #1: Tonya B
winner #2: Cristina M.

Day #10    $10 bookstore  gift card: Colleen C.

Day #11 (book to you or a friend)
Lauren Dane book- bn100
Elle Kennedy book- Susan T
Deanna Chase book- Nancy Gilliland
Cora Seton book- Jacqualine


And that’s it for now. 2016 is going to be all about Rocky Mountain House. The final book in the Thompson & Sons series, A WILD RIDE, hopefully will be out in March. Then I’ve got Rafe (ROCKY MOUNTAIN DEVIL)  yes, finally Jesse (ROCKY MOUNTAIN HOME) with a Coleman Christmas novella to follow if all goes well.

If you want a reminder of my releases or other news, make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter. Otherwise, thank you again for stopping in and making this holiday season special. <3 you all!

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Colleen C.
Colleen C.
5 years ago

Thank you so much Vivian! Congrats to all of the winners and all of those wonderful charities! Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! :D

5 years ago

Thank you Vivian!!! Congrats to winners!! I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year :-) <3

5 years ago

Thanks and happy new year! Sent email

Denise Rypka
Denise Rypka
5 years ago

Congratulations to All the Winners? Enjoy?
Vivian you are an amazing author !! Wishing you a Happy Healthy New Year??

5 years ago

I hope your Christmas was full of joy and love, and here’s sending you wishes for a wonderful year to come, with health and success, and more–much more!–of that joy and love, for you and all your loved ones.

Thank you for all you do, and all you are, Miss Viv!

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