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I need an idea- share your fav

So here’s the fun planned for Feb 15. Along with some other Samhain authors, I’ve been invited to read an excerpt from one of my books for the Savvy Author’s DigiCon celebration of romance.

Now I only have two problems. Picking a book. Picking a 10 minute section to read.

Oh, and not blushing furiously if there are any naughty words in the section. I know, I’ll be on radio/podcast, but I will blush so hard you’ll be able to hear it in my voice!

You can’t help me not blush, but you can suggest a book and favorite section. Anyone?

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Lisa J
Lisa J

Wolf Signs – start at the beginning. It’s a great book.


Turn It Up. The scene where Max is holding Tasha and thinks how scary it is to hold his heart in his arms. The scene melts me every time. And I don’t think it has any blush-worthy language.

Nancy Gilliland
Nancy Gilliland

Wolf Tracks. The scene where TJ finds out what Pam does for a living. I laughed a lot at that part. But then I just plain love TJ’s story.


Since it’s uber-fresh in my head, I love most the ultrasound scene from Turn it Up – I was crying right along with Max. If you need a tie-breaker though, I’ll agree with Lillie. :)

Or, I’d suggest the opening scene from Tangled Tinsel when El leads Kyle back into the dressing room of the lingerie store and has fun with herself in front of him. But that might be blushworthy. ;)

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