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Granite Lake Wolves

This series of lighthearted paranormal stories is set in the wilderness of the Yukon and Alaska. The stories follow the members of the Granite Lake wolf pack as they deal with life and love as shifters.  If you love the Granite Lake Wolves, check out the Takhini Wolves – set in the same world, longer stories.

Granite Lake Wolves

Granite Lake Wolves Family Album

If you’ve read all six novellas, but want more, here are some fun activities for you, pictures, and vignettes. Look around, see what catches your eye. Have a re-read or recommend the series to your friends!

While this series is complete, there will be more shifter goodness in the future!

Pack Hierarchy


The timeline for Granite Lake Wolves:

  • Book 1: Wolf Signs
  • Book 2: Wolf Flight
  • Book 3: Wolf Games
  • Book 4: Wolf Tracks
  • Book 5: Wolf Line
  • Book 6: Wolf Nip

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