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The Bear's Fated Mate

The Bear's Fated Mate

Book 2: Borealis Bears Series

He’s going to pick someone perfectly wrong for him—because fate isn’t in charge of his world!

As head of security for the family company, polar bear shifter Alex Borealis has intel warning something big is about to happen. His prime suspect? Tantalizing, infuriating Lara Lazuli, youngest daughter of Borealis Gems’ main competitor. But when mating fever hits, he decides she’s the perfect one to turn to. They’ve got chemistry hot enough to melt the polar ice caps, but he doesn’t trust her enough for a permanent connection to form.

Being with Alex is one step shy of torture for Lara. As a wolf shifter, she scented the truth the instant she met him months ago—he’s her mate. But she’s not about to trap anyone into being with her, especially not a man who thinks she’s up to no good. Add in her own suspicions of wrong-doing in her pack and Lara’s caught between heaven and hell.

But tangled sheets lead to real communication, and a bond of friendship forms that neither expected. When Lara asks for help, Alex finds himself living in the pack house, scaring off random Alpha wolves and fighting at her side.

Because the mating fever knows a thing or two about fate and forever.

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“I think I enjoyed this even more than the first book which is saying something because the first book was great.”

Feeling Fictional

“If you love sexy sneaky shifters and the passion and chemistry that can arise as two of them clash again and again, then The Bear’s Fated Mate is the perfect story to enjoy and you will find just every moment of the adventure, just as I did.”

Romance Junkie

“This was a fun, quick, smexy as sin read that was low on drama and had me grinning the entire time.”

Kahea’s Reviews

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