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Extras: Rocky Mountain Heat


Sometimes the places I end up to make sure the story is right are funny, sometimes they’re just very interesting. Here are some of the sites I bookmarked as I was working on HEAT.

I used these as I was designing the Coleman brand. You’ll notice that modern brands can NOT have letters inside a larger letter. the Colemans can because their brand predates this restriction.

Yup. Canadian spelling in the Six Pack Ranch books. I need to make sure that what I’m arguing with autocorrect about is really the right way to spell it!

Because my editor ALWAYS asks: is the sun really still up? Are you sure it’s that cold?

*All sites registered and copyrighted to their owners_ I’m directing you to them for interest sake.

Flashback Friday

Some of my favourite memories about the book and favourite quote. Previously posted at my Facebook or in the blog, now gathered in one place for your entertainment.

Heroine: Jaxi – Has long loved Blake, and is ready to finally make her move on the oldest Coleman brother.

Hero: Blake Coleman – Thinks he’s too old for Jaxi, despite the intense attraction. But with Jaxi’s push, he’ll fall hard for the younger family friend.

Tidbit: This started with a single scene of a group of kids having a fight down by a riverbank. Mud, wasp nests, and the feeling of big family. You can now read that scene in back of Rocky Mountain Heat, but at the beginning it was a ‘just checking it out’ chapter that got tucked aside until it was added as extra material to the new release!!

And it totally explains why Jaxi’s nickname is “Slick”.

Here is one of my favorite quotes:


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