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Extras: Black Gold

Flashback Friday

Title: Black Gold

Heroine: Gemmita Jacobs – Southern belle who has lived a sheltered shifter life, looking to spread her wings in the north.

Hero: Shaun Stevens – Bush pilot who is looking to find his mate, on his own terms.

Tidbit: One fun thing that happens after you’ve been writing for a while is people fall in love with the characters. They want to know what happens next, especially when characters show up who are rather loveable.

Like Shaun.

I knew I wanted to tell his story, but I also wanted to try writing a book that fit into a bigger overall ARC, like one of my favourite series, Southern Arcana by Moira Rogers. So I took Shaun and headed him back to Whitehorse and made plans for 4 books that would each stand alone, but also have interlocking backstories.

Here is one of my favorite quotes:

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