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Extras: Wolf Tracks

Flashback Friday

Title: Wolf Tracks

Heroine: Pam Quinn – a human who knows nothing about wolf culture, but she’s willing to have a fling with the younger, sexy TJ.

Hero: TJ Lynus – Wolf, clutz, and desperate to prove to his human mate that they are perfect for each other.

Tidbit: Have you noticed that all the wolf books have puns in the titles? They do– more than one. See if you can figure them out 😉

In this case, I’ll tell you that one of the tracks refers to music. Yes, there’s a song in this book that I had to stop and write. And there is a tune that I made up on my guitar to go along with it. But unfortunately, I’m more like Pam than TJ in terms of my musical talent, so you’ll NEVER hear me sing it in public.

Just believe me that TJ does a great job of it.

Here is one of my favorite quotes:

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