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Extras: Wolf Nip

Flashback Friday

Title: Wolf Nip

Heroine: Tessa Williams – Cat shifter looking to create an Eco-tour B&B from the perfect location, except getting the seller to sign the dotted line is harder than she expected.

Hero: Mark Weaver – Wolf shifter who instantly recognizes his mate in Tessa. But the cat wants him to prove himself before she’ll mate with him.

Tidbit: I had to write this book. Everyone of the Granite Lake books has a slight twist on the “fated mates” trope, and this one? Was so much fun to write. Wolves = mates. Cats…not so much. Watching Tessa and Mark twist around each other to find the HEA was :D, especially since I got to include ALL sorts of personality traits that fit their shifted selfs.

Also– the paddle wheeler B&B? Is based on a real “retired” paddle wheeler (Steamer SS Nasookin) near where I lived. Check it out!

Here is one of my favorite quotes:

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