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Extras: Wolf Line

Flashback Friday

Title: Wolf Line

Heroine: Keri – Helping her BFF as a troubleshooter for their first cruise, but is constantly thwarted by the scent of her mate who MUST be somewhere on the ship.

Hero: Jared – Playboy and son of an affluent wolf family, he’s hiding out as a maintenance worker aboard a cruise ship

Tidbit: There aren’t many cruse ships that dock in Haines, Alaska anymore. Most of them stop in Skagway, because the harbour is deeper, and the town has gone overboard to make sure there are things to see and do while you’re there. BUT! There used to be ships that stopped in Haines.

And one of the other stops that Keri and Jared do take advantage of is at Ketchikan, I made sure to check out the harbour/city layout for the story as many paces as possible–google earth, etc. I asked my husband if we could go ‘research’ the book by taking a cruise, and he said yes, but I wrote faster than we could book a trip.

I’ll have to write a new cruise ship story down the road after we actually take a trip!!

Here is one of my favorite quotes:

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