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Extras: Wolf Games

Flashback Friday

Title: Wolf Games

Heroine: Maggie – Has been repressing her wolf for years, petrified at the idea of having to participate in the annual wolf games.

Hero: Erik – Beta of the Granite Lake pack, leader of the wolf game’s team. Willing to do anything to help Maggie get over her fears.

Tidbit: A few years ago there was a discussion about alpha-hole heroes. You know the type, the take charge but maybe goes too far male. And someone said the reason A-hole heroes were so popular was that “nice heroes” were boring.

Oh, really??

I love a challenge. This is how Erik, my gentle giant was born. He doesn’t have a lot of issues–he’s worked through his shit years ago. Even though there are moments that you know he’s been hurt in the past, he’s got it together. Which means he’s the perfect hero to help Maggie as she works through her troubles.

I <3 him to pieces.

Here is one of my favorite quotes:

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